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Crimson Peak and ghosts galore

I’ve had a full weekend, pretty much on purpose, it’s one of those times where you go: “I don’t wanna stop and be in my own brain for a second right now”. The yearly, and constantly growing Spökvandringen in Skara ( a walk with drama students scaring the sh*t out of you), so big this year they had to turn people down for the first time due to full groups.

Then Saturday I worked a 12 hour shift, combining it with my virgin journey to Ullared (big, cheap, famous mall/market) and dear God, people go there by their own free will? It should be used as crime punishment! Especially if the criminal has social/agora phobia. It’d be ruthless.

Sunday was Crimson Peak. Watch worthy. Not scary in the uberscary sense. The last time a film really scared me was “The Conjuring” in 2013. But interesting. And hey, you can’t go wrong casting yum Tom Hiddleston.

Why the mundande details of my weekend? Because it proved effective to get me going musically today. In “don’t think” mode you are less hesitant and procrastinating. And while I usually write the chords of a song before I write the riff (how to play the chords) which is a bit more time consuming, the piano basically played itself here, I was just aiding with hands. Somewhere around 30-40 minutes of recording, which is unusually little, at least for me.

‘Gonna be fun to see what you think of it when I’m done! 🙂

Oh, by the way, October 21st 2015 is coming up! Time for us to dress in funny metal hats and get on our hoverboards! Now, where did I put mine?…

future crimson-peak-poster


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