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Human kindness

On my way home from non-music work I stopped at a local store to get some boring grocery shopping done, even rockstars have to do things ordinary humans do… πŸ˜›

Anyway, I saw a woman going through the trash outside the store looking for bottles and cans to pawn. For those of you living in countries without this system; in Sweden you get money, and there are pawn machines in every grocery store, if you return bottles and cans. Not a lot, but enough to make some return their bottles and not waste. Some still throw them away, bad for the environment or not. And some who are low on money go to public trash to find these bottles and cans. This woman struck out, nothing there, I could see it, so I just put my groceries in the car and gave her my empty bottle from the Festis (soft drink) I’d been drinking at work. It’s worth 1 SEK (consult your local exchange office for how small of an amount that actually is). She got tears in her eyes from this tiny gesture. I also had a short conversation with her as I was walking to my car to drive home, and her face just lit up. It wasn’t much. Heck, to me it was nothing, I did not do anything big to help her at all, and to her it was everything.

That’s why I get so confused today when people start arguing about wether we should help refugees or not. “We should put our efforts towards our own!”. And I’m like; what effort? If you count basic human kindness as an effort, then maybe you should just concentrate on one thing. But it really takes so super little to help. The romani throw kisses at me when I walk by them because I sacrifice my small change every now and then, and they recognize me. They are happy and grateful, and I feel like what I’ve done is just… meh… I help everywhere I can, with like minimal effort and minimal money, and still I get told I’ve done so much. So really… effort? Rephrase or concentrate on that one thing yourself then, but I think it’s so dead off.

I do feel human kindness has grown three heart sizes of late, what with Syria and everything. I see people change for the better and developing their empathy further left and right. I know mine’s grown too. But there are still those wet blankets all over, almost violently resisting. Strange. Anyways, I’m inspired to work on a new album while finishing off the promotion for this year’s, and I think it’s going to be influenced a lot by this topic. Re-writing a lot of old political songs that all of a sudden are relevant again.

In the meantime, have some boobs! πŸ˜€

(Pattern for this year’s breast cancer awareness on an Ica shopping bag, and aren’t you disappointed?)


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3 responses to “Human kindness

  1. Couldn’t agree more… a little kindness goes a long way! πŸ™‚

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