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It’s going to rain -today-

And when it rains it pours. Song ready. Video ready.

Plus some pics of them keys taken with the good camera as promised.

And in addition, a few pics from the gig!
Anyway, short about the gig; it went great, even though we had to mic up the keyboard, we played so tight I almost thought we were robots til I hit a bass tone a bit wrong 😉 And when we got home little Skara gave us a super purrdy aurora borealis, which I haven’t seen since I was a kid (and don’t remember well I might add). You almost got the feeling the atmosphere wanted to give a good show back. Yes, sometimes artists get hubris. Beautiful sky either way.

Music Video
The video is filmed during the first two hours of the day, where at the moment, my anxiety levels peak. I don’t always have anxiety problems, in fact, I can go months without them. And when I do have them like now, they’re usually at short time of the day, as mentioned, mornings are the problem. I’m describing this stuff even though it’s personal because I want you to know that a) it’s possible to get to a level where you can handle these problems if you have them, and maybe even one day be rid of them completely b)lose the mental illness stigma. This is what it looks like. Flickering eyes, looking like the person is a second from crying. Sometimes crying. That’s all. Don’t be scared of it.

I’m confident I’ll be rid of them completely one day. Until then, I wanna show you that there’s nothing to fear, nothing strange, we don’t become giant ogers who try to pull you down. And it’s normal. And people have it. And you might have it and identify with it, and that’s always a good feeling that automatically helps you feel just a little bit better.

No make up. No filters. I even upped the contrast so my skin flaws would show on camera. Another attempt at the whole “dare to show reality” thing.

Hope you enjoy. I ended up doing something completely different than what I talked about in the beginning, as you might have suspected 😉

IMG_1963DSC_0223 DSC_0226IMG_1971


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