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Rehearsals and cinnamon buns

The cinnamon bun is a big deal in Sweden. So big we have a day for it, October 4th. I was very naughty and didn’t have one yesterday, so the break treat at rehearsals was pretty much a given. I bought something that was a mix between a Danish and a cinnamon bun, though, quite a brilliant combo I must say, delish!

Drummer showed us how high tech the rehearsal space has gotten. You can shut down everything in the room with a remote! Pretty cool. Except he didn’t realize he turned the coffee maker on when the lights went on again, so when he started to make coffee I had to take shelter, as it was trying to spit hot water on me. It’s a pink coffee maker, leading me to the only possible conclusion that pink things are dangerous.

Oh, my brilliant idea, you haven’t heard? You know when you dream, you get visions, sometimes so great you have to write them down? Well, I did just that, woke up, shouted it out and wrote it down. I took a look at my notes when fully awake. “Grape babies”. My brain is a disturbed one indeed…



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