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The Butterfly Effect

Every third year or so I revisit the TV-series Gilmore Girls (I have the complete box set, so I do it properly). Because apart from the fact that the show is smart and hilarious, and has like the very bestest soundtrack ever including PJ Harvey, Carole King, Elvis Costello and so on, I’ve want to see the additional pop culture references I get that time around. This time, since I have actually seen Heathers, I get a lot more of them. Because they quote Heathers quite extensively. I still think it’s fun that the writers had a game; “stomp Lauren”, because Lauren Graham who played Lorelai could usually understand every single reference on the spot, it was almost impossible to give her one she wasn’t ready to explain to the rest of the cast and crew.

Anyways, this beautiful song caught my ear. A Randy Newman original, sung by Claudine Longet. Longet, who mostly did covers, sang with this Helmer Fudd accent that you would usually make fun of, but as soon as she opened her mouth you’d never dream of it. It added to the music in a strange way. I should point out that she’s still alive but a virtual recluse today. Anyway, the song was “I think it’s going to rain today”, and I started working on my own version before I found out it’s one of the world’s most covered songs, but hey, inspiration baby. The lyrics still apply, very much, to what’s going on today. And I like Randy Newman and I’m not just enjoying learning book-wormy stuff at the mo’, music history applies too.

So far I’ve done a wurlitzer/voice thing which might change. Everyone does this naked version of it, plus, I’m no Freddy Mercury. With no drums, I get a bit of a strange beat/pulse going on the piano/keys. Sometimes strange good, sometimes strange bad. I’ll have to have another listen to make up my mind about this one.

Gilmore-Girls-gilmore-girls-9664695-1089-1465 heathers



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