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A hairy question pt 2

There’s been a lot of hair talk lately. A friend of mine with really long hair cut hers completely off to pixie cut, and I had promised her I’d do a supportive, visible cut. I made good on the promise. I’ve had the wrong kind of attention lately and I just didn’t want it, so a lot of mine went too, and you know what? Even as the most equal country in the world, we’re that shallow, it worked. We’ll see if I can work some pics in before it grows out again, it really does grow pretty fast, which if nothing else reassures me I don’t have any lack of vitamin B in my system.

It got me thinking about 2005. I went blonde. I don’t mean a little, I mean a lot. Let me tell you, friends can be enemies. I’d been bugged about trying blonde. “You’d look so ace in it!” Fine. It took an almost black set of hair 6 months to go blonde. That’s how brunette I am, and if you are that brunette… just stay away from that perioxide bottle. Trust me. Because I went Gwen Stefani blonde. For two weeks. And for those two weeks I shouted “dear, no!” everytime I looked in the mirror. What does this have to do with my music you wonder? Some. To be honest, I wrote some of my most brilliant songs that I still bring on albums to this day at that point, as a blonde. God, I hope the hair colouring had nothing to do with it, it really smelled of egg fart. Anyway, I landed my first big show/gig at that time. And three minutes after landing it I looked in the mirror again. “Dear lawd, I can’t go on stage like this, fuck all, this is so not me!” And I dyed it pink (I could because it was bleached) and got on stage a lot happier.

10 yrs and I haven’t gone blonde since. Never will, I think. You can just look at the pictures and see which shade made me happier! 😛


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