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Je ne suis pas Charlie

While my school french is somewhere in the back of my mind, this is an easy sentence for me to say.

Even back at the shootings I refused to go with the whole “I am Charlie” frenzy. Having read that piece of sh*t during religious studies it made me physically sick, and as a representative of free press? Nu-uh. No, of course no one gets to go into the office and slaughter the writers. That goes without saying. Though my opinion on that got questioned everytime I went “I AIN’T Charlie, goddamnit!”.

But can you get me now, as they are cashing in on drowned little three-year-old Aylan? I frequently asked my friends to use the function “hide” when publishing the dead drowned kids. The graphic nature of dead children (trigger) and the blood spots where their blood had ended up during drowning (my dad drowned and had those same blood spots, so BIG trigger). I do not hide from the refugee crisis, I just wasn’t the one who needed to see those pics.

Personally, I hope the whole god damn magazine goes belly-up. The mag, not the people, in case you needed more clarification.



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