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This house… is clean

A poltergeist quote is apt as a title for this post.

Sometimes, just to unscramble my brain and get the creativity flowing again, I’ll clean something I haven’t cleaned in a long time. Today it was the fridge and the belly/floor well underneath the bath tub. The fridge I have cleaned before, but it’s been a while. The floor under the bath tub… not since I moved in in 2008. I know, I know! Gross! I mean, I was ready for some fridge groceness but the seeding underbelly of the bath tub area…

Humans are disgusting! I am disgusting! This is all from me showering (and a very small portion of animal cage cleaning, most of the filth I am able to pour in the toilet so not so bad). How can people stand to hang out with me? I’m apparently absolutely gross! Huuuurl!

On the plus side I did get some mixing music done afterwards, uncluttering stuff leaves an uncluttered mind.

But… nope. Not going almost 7 yrs without cleaning that again. It was the stuff of horror movies.


I can’t show you pics but I can show you my reaction to the sight…


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