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Proceeds to refugees

You’ll never have me saying what I do and how I make money is a privelege. I work damn hard, I do a good job, and it’s my right to get paid.

But it’s also a human right not having to flee your country because it’s blown to bits, and with the biggest refugee crisis since world war II you can certainly weigh what’s more important. This is a month were I would usually skimp. Bills are piling up, I’ve had a vacation with smaller pay, maybe I don’t need this and that and cheese and new outfits.

Giving puts a big dent in my economy, but I won’t end up homeless and traumatized. I’ve donated already, saw the chance to do more today with some campaigns and took it. I have a right to earn the money but also do with it what I please. I do what I can and I firmly believe you should, it’s not a matter of being privvied or not. A roof over my head and something to eat for the day, pay for your hard work, all human rights and nothing I lose by giving to help others receive the same.

So I’ve decided to adjust since I’m already giving monthly to the album causes and they get money anyways .Besides what I’ve already donated, ALL proceeds of streaming, downloads and physical sales in September go to Syriah. I have decent physical sales which I can donate immediately, downloading sales will take a month or two, but people will still need help then, and hey, people do prefer to make the choice themselves. I could donate profit for May right now, but people listening to my music then have not been filled in. Anti-racist will listen more, racists will listen less, but they get to choose themselves and I find anti-racism generates waaaay more when people really want to get involved.

So… September. This very month, people. Stream. Buy album. Download. Go to and donate an amount of your choosing for the download. But now is the time. It will ALL go to the refugees.

P.S. If you’re tight on money, stream like hell. Preferably from Apple music as I / the refugees get a bigger profit there. Thanks, Taylor Swift!



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