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Learning is Fun!

I’ve gone into a bit of a “back to school” phaze at the moment. Pleasantly suprised, since I pretty much slammed those books shut a little more than four years ago when I finished my Uni studies, howling “I am never doing this EVER again!”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been refusing to learn during this time, I haven’t put my fingers in my ears everytime someone said something educational, and we always learn stuff along the way no matter what we do, but I have had no desire to attend classes, take notes, use words like “empirical”, “deductive” and “macro perspective” during this time.

Learning by doing, learning by working, learning by trying, I’ve done all that. Evolved in small and big things, learning to be a good defensive driver, how an oven works, how to cook, how to open that little latch and clean inside of a window. Researched a subject when I’m making a video or when someone says something idiotic and I want to be sure of my counter arguments in the discussion. A lot of music and programming! Me have no gone stupid dumb dumb so to speak.

And I’ve read, I’ve always been a reader. But now I can sit with my Gaiman or Melville, and move on to reading the Freddie Mercury biography, then have a little peek in my “how to make the best use of photoshop” book, then on to archaeology and after that I may sit with my Chinese language course for a while. And I’ve signed up for classes. Actually paying for them sometimes, that’s how bad I want to learn. I went to a small seminar on Logic X ,because I’m thinking of upgrading, today. And I met my old teacher Ulf Söderberg, wow, that takes you back to the school bench in the most nostalgic way.

I think I need both. Proper education of my selfsome and proper learning by living. I didn’t need both for a good period of time. I needed to live. I’d been putting that on hold. If your confidence isn’t ab fab, and you’ve maybe been surrounded by some who say you can’t do anything and you must never fail, the whole learning by living (or educating yourself depending on the nature of what you’ve been told) gets put on hold. I knew I could read. I didn’t believe I could be good at anything, but I knew I was book smart. I can read about it, but I can’t do it. So studying was a safe blanket and as soon as I got tossed out in the “real world” and discovered I wasn’t a complete tosser I needed to evolve in that.

It’s pretty awesome to be back. I feel smarter already! 🙂 And lets face it, combining the two makes great intelligence, because it’s both practical and cerebral.

The more practical part of my day was dedicated to getting my new (given to me!) Kawai electrical organ home, and my ability to talk to people, ask for help and actually knowing a bit of the science of carrying heavy stuff (BIG learn by doing) came in handy for sure! My only mistake was picking the carrying position where my boobs got squished. Seriously ladies, if you’re just gonna be there in the way, evolve muscles or hands or something and help me carry! 😉

Here’s a photo from the phone, gonna bring out the good camera and take some pics, so wait for a handsome series of key instrument pics and watch this space! 🙂



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