The haircut

The hair has, as predicted already grown a bit from the cut not two weeks back, but I kinda got this cool rock (or maybe punk) vibe together today by pure luck. I basically put some black colour in so that when it fades, my old hair colour, bleached from Greece before, comes back. And, oh, why the hell not, I’m wearing black, why not put a little red and black spider hairclip in? And when I got to work my co-worker had this red highlight clip she said “is all yours”, probably due to the fact that she on a suspicious amount of occasions has “forgotten her lunch” cause she knows I’ll share mine. I’m not kidding, she loves my cooking, she licks my plate when I’m done! It’s disturbing and flattering at the same time πŸ˜‰

So this is the finished look. I’ve been apprehensive about going too “rock” due to my music, but I’m thinking of easing up on it, at least with the short hair that doesn’t scream “emo” even with all the combos of the look. After all; Christina Perri. Maria Mena. Not super rock and they still sport that style a bit. And hey. Kate Bush and those big googly eyes she makes? Scary, doesn’t automatically tell you what’s gonna come out of the song, though.

And I don’t have any weird body piercings any more, except for a third hole in my ear, had to take them out eventually as they never healed properly. So it’s not gonna be me trying to be 19 again. That’s just sad. I love my age.

The highlight is a bit long. Hence the: “well, hey, that’s punk”. Or 80’s. Ok, ok, I’ll cut it! πŸ˜‰

The Butterfly Effect

Every third year or so I revisit the TV-series Gilmore Girls (I have the complete box set, so I do it properly). Because apart from the fact that the show is smart and hilarious, and has like the very bestest soundtrack ever including PJ Harvey, Carole King, Elvis Costello and so on, I’ve want to see the additional pop culture references I get that time around. This time, since I have actually seen Heathers, I get a lot more of them. Because they quote Heathers quite extensively. I still think it’s fun that the writers had a game; “stomp Lauren”, because Lauren Graham who played Lorelai could usually understand every single reference on the spot, it was almost impossible to give her one she wasn’t ready to explain to the rest of the cast and crew.

Anyways, this beautiful song caught my ear. A Randy Newman original, sung by Claudine Longet. Longet, who mostly did covers, sang with this Helmer Fudd accent that you would usually make fun of, but as soon as she opened her mouth you’d never dream of it. It added to the music in a strange way. I should point out that she’s still alive but a virtual recluse today. Anyway, the song was “I think it’s going to rain today”, and I started working on my own version before I found out it’s one of the world’s most covered songs, but hey, inspiration baby. The lyrics still apply, very much, to what’s going on today. And I like Randy Newman and I’m not just enjoying learning book-wormy stuff at the mo’, music history applies too.

So far I’ve done a wurlitzer/voice thing which might change. Everyone does this naked version of it, plus, I’m no Freddy Mercury. With no drums, I get a bit of a strange beat/pulse going on the piano/keys. Sometimes strange good, sometimes strange bad. I’ll have to have another listen to make up my mind about this one.

Gilmore-Girls-gilmore-girls-9664695-1089-1465 heathers


A hairy question pt 2

There’s been a lot of hair talk lately. A friend of mine with really long hair cut hers completely off to pixie cut, and I had promised her I’d do a supportive, visible cut. I made good on the promise. I’ve had the wrong kind of attention lately and I just didn’t want it, so a lot of mine went too, and you know what? Even as the most equal country in the world, we’re that shallow, it worked. We’ll see if I can work some pics in before it grows out again, it really does grow pretty fast, which if nothing else reassures me I don’t have any lack of vitamin B in my system.

It got me thinking about 2005. I went blonde. I don’t mean a little, I mean a lot. Let me tell you, friends can be enemies. I’d been bugged about trying blonde. “You’d look so ace in it!” Fine. It took an almost black set of hair 6 months to go blonde. That’s how brunette I am, and if you are that brunette… just stay away from that perioxide bottle. Trust me. Because I went Gwen Stefani blonde. For two weeks. And for those two weeks I shouted “dear, no!” everytime I looked in the mirror. What does this have to do with my music you wonder? Some. To be honest, I wrote some of my most brilliant songs that I still bring on albums to this day at that point, as a blonde. God, I hope the hair colouring had nothing to do with it, it really smelled of egg fart. Anyway, I landed my first big show/gig at that time. And three minutes after landing it I looked in the mirror again. “Dear lawd, I can’t go on stage like this, fuck all, this is so not me!” And I dyed it pink (I could because it was bleached) and got on stage a lot happier.

10 yrs and I haven’t gone blonde since. Never will, I think. You can just look at the pictures and see which shade made me happier! πŸ˜›

Friday, I’m in love…

On a very non-musical note, my place is infested with house flies. I’m thinking of just giving them the place, really, I rarely use it anyway, and I can’t kill ’em. You know the term “Couldn’t hurt a fly”? Last year at theatre week some of the crew got a bit agitated, the main house where we prepped was full of flies and I kept opening the window going; “Flyyy, flyyy my friends, fly to freedom, she’s got a fly swatter, fly fast!” So… enjoy my casa, my many-eyed dudettes and dudes!

The Logic X course is going well, I might be upgrading from Logic 9 cause it looks good and seems easy enough. I also have people requesting to do remixes of my songs, which is exciting and new for me, I’m sending lead vocal files and piano/key files all over the place! πŸ™‚

I’ve also taken some make-up courses, nothing serious, both easy masking and beauty make-up, but I’m having a hard time deciding which is prettier. Me in the make-up I’ve been learning or my scotch tape face lift? Have a peek and let me know! πŸ˜‰

Je ne suis pas Charlie

While my school french is somewhere in the back of my mind, this is an easy sentence for me to say.

Even back at the shootings I refused to go with the whole “I am Charlie” frenzy. Having read that piece of sh*t during religious studies it made me physically sick, and as a representative of free press? Nu-uh. No, of course no one gets to go into the office and slaughter the writers. That goes without saying. Though my opinion on that got questioned everytime I went “I AIN’T Charlie, goddamnit!”.

But can you get me now, as they are cashing in on drowned little three-year-old Aylan? I frequently asked my friends to use the function “hide” when publishing the dead drowned kids. The graphic nature of dead children (trigger) and the blood spots where their blood had ended up during drowning (my dad drowned and had those same blood spots, so BIG trigger). I do not hide from the refugee crisis, I just wasn’t the one who needed to see those pics.

Personally, I hope the whole god damn magazine goes belly-up. The mag, not the people, in case you needed more clarification.


This house… is clean

A poltergeist quote is apt as a title for this post.

Sometimes, just to unscramble my brain and get the creativity flowing again, I’ll clean something I haven’t cleaned in a long time. Today it was the fridge and the belly/floor well underneath the bath tub. The fridge I have cleaned before, but it’s been a while. The floor under the bath tub… not since I moved in in 2008. I know, I know! Gross! I mean, I was ready for some fridge groceness but the seeding underbelly of the bath tub area…

Humans are disgusting! I am disgusting! This is all from me showering (and a very small portion of animal cage cleaning, most of the filth I am able to pour in the toilet so not so bad). How can people stand to hang out with me? I’m apparently absolutely gross! Huuuurl!

On the plus side I did get some mixing music done afterwards, uncluttering stuff leaves an uncluttered mind.

But… nope. Not going almost 7 yrs without cleaning that again. It was the stuff of horror movies.


I can’t show you pics but I can show you my reaction to the sight…

Proceeds to refugees

You’ll never have me saying what I do and how I make money is a privelege. I work damn hard, I do a good job, and it’s my right to get paid.

But it’s also a human right not having to flee your country because it’s blown to bits, and with the biggest refugee crisis since world war II you can certainly weigh what’s more important. This is a month were I would usually skimp. Bills are piling up, I’ve had a vacation with smaller pay, maybe I don’t need this and that and cheese and new outfits.

Giving puts a big dent in my economy, but I won’t end up homeless and traumatized. I’ve donated already, saw the chance to do more today with some campaigns and took it. I have a right to earn the money but also do with it what I please. I do what I can and I firmly believe you should, it’s not a matter of being privvied or not. A roof over my head and something to eat for the day, pay for your hard work, all human rights and nothing I lose by giving to help others receive the same.

So I’ve decided to adjust since I’m already giving monthly to the album causes and they get money anyways .Besides what I’ve already donated, ALL proceeds of streaming, downloads and physical sales in September go to Syriah. I have decent physical sales which I can donate immediately, downloading sales will take a month or two, but people will still need help then, and hey, people do prefer to make the choice themselves. I could donate profit for May right now, but people listening to my music then have not been filled in. Anti-racist will listen more, racists will listen less, but they get to choose themselves and I find anti-racism generates waaaay more when people really want to get involved.

So… September. This very month, people. Stream. Buy album. Download. Go to and donate an amount of your choosing for the download. But now is the time. It will ALL go to the refugees.

P.S. If you’re tight on money, stream like hell. Preferably from Apple music as I / the refugees get a bigger profit there. Thanks, Taylor Swift!


Learning is Fun!

I’ve gone into a bit of a “back to school” phaze at the moment. Pleasantly suprised, since I pretty much slammed those books shut a little more than four years ago when I finished my Uni studies, howling “I am never doing this EVER again!”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been refusing to learn during this time, I haven’t put my fingers in my ears everytime someone said something educational, and we always learn stuff along the way no matter what we do, but I have had no desire to attend classes, take notes, use words like “empirical”, “deductive” and “macro perspective” during this time.

Learning by doing, learning by working, learning by trying, I’ve done all that. Evolved in small and big things, learning to be a good defensive driver, how an oven works, how to cook, how to open that little latch and clean inside of a window. Researched a subject when I’m making a video or when someone says something idiotic and I want to be sure of my counter arguments in the discussion. A lot of music and programming! Me have no gone stupid dumb dumb so to speak.

And I’ve read, I’ve always been a reader. But now I can sit with my Gaiman or Melville, and move on to reading the Freddie Mercury biography, then have a little peek in my “how to make the best use of photoshop” book, then on to archaeology and after that I may sit with my Chinese language course for a while. And I’ve signed up for classes. Actually paying for them sometimes, that’s how bad I want to learn. I went to a small seminar on Logic X ,because I’m thinking of upgrading, today. And I met my old teacher Ulf SΓΆderberg, wow, that takes you back to the school bench in the most nostalgic way.

I think I need both. Proper education of my selfsome and proper learning by living. I didn’t need both for a good period of time. I needed to live. I’d been putting that on hold. If your confidence isn’t ab fab, and you’ve maybe been surrounded by some who say you can’t do anything and you must never fail, the whole learning by living (or educating yourself depending on the nature of what you’ve been told) gets put on hold. I knew I could read. I didn’t believe I could be good at anything, but I knew I was book smart. I can read about it, but I can’t do it. So studying was a safe blanket and as soon as I got tossed out in the “real world” and discovered I wasn’t a complete tosser I needed to evolve in that.

It’s pretty awesome to be back. I feel smarter already! πŸ™‚ And lets face it, combining the two makes great intelligence, because it’s both practical and cerebral.

The more practical part of my day was dedicated to getting my new (given to me!) Kawai electrical organ home, and my ability to talk to people, ask for help and actually knowing a bit of the science of carrying heavy stuff (BIG learn by doing) came in handy for sure! My only mistake was picking the carrying position where my boobs got squished. Seriously ladies, if you’re just gonna be there in the way, evolve muscles or hands or something and help me carry! πŸ˜‰

Here’s a photo from the phone, gonna bring out the good camera and take some pics, so wait for a handsome series of key instrument pics and watch this space! πŸ™‚


Back to basics!

Back from sunny vacation abroad and back to work full throttle.

No, I mean it, I dumped of my luggage at home and then went to work, after kissing the furry friends also known as pets for a few minutes.

Contact with my booking agency, some gigs lining up, and new courses and lectures, starting this weekend with Music and Business. It’s been hectic to say the least.

Apparently my songs made some good sales when I was gone, I waved the Amnesty donation in favour of Syria this time though, I figured I already give monthly to both Amnesty and the Women’s cause so, you know, when something like this happens… A little adjustment can be made.

There weren’t many refugees when I started my time abroad, but going home… wow… so many, just sitting in the hot sun on the streets. Yes, I gave them money, I’d saved up more than I needed for the trip. I know some hesitate and think it’s a waste of time, but just looking at the crafty Romani making lovely baskets at super speed in Skara (of course I’ve bought one, they’re awesome), I know that everyone wants to make a difference, I know we all dream big no matter where in life we are. Not that I needed the basket-making to prove that, I mention it to the ones who need proof though.

More to come, after I’ve fully made the transition from vacation Maria to work Maria! πŸ™‚

You get ONE vacay pic. Mainly because I’m working the bikini body solely by; you guessed it, putting a bikini on my body. Vacation beer tum tum and proud of it! πŸ˜‰