New video- Mad World

Sooo, surprise, new song and music video! πŸ™‚ The idea to cover the song is old, I’ve performed it live several times, but recording it and making a video was a pretty sudden idea, though it came easily as I decided to get an advanced camera, soon after one of my friends was curious about her mother’s old dress from the 70’s.

“I wonder if it wouldn’t look perfect on you, you’ve got a similar build”. So I tried it on, made another friend watching cry “you’re so pretty, my goodness, Maria, and… Heeeey, come on, straighten your back”. Ok, I’ll admit I’m not used to pretty dresses and need to work on some things… Point is, it looked great on. “Wear it for your next video or something!” And that was that. I thought we’d have just a little “venetian mask” (from actual Venice!) scenes to just add a bit of that eery touch the lyrics are about, but they ended up great and dominated the video.

I wanted to pay some kind of homage to the Tears for Fears original video, hence the dancing, but being counter sun was my friend Siljas idea, which ended up also dominating with gorgeousness and looking the most Tears for Fears.

Fun notes; I refused to fart in the dress, taking into account the littlest chance it would be a shart. Granted, girls poop pink fluffy cotton balls that smell like rainbow, but pink’d still discolour the white dress ;). Also, it looks like I can walk in heels and dance in high grass, but there is a LOT of blooper material, let me tell you! πŸ˜‰ And we got attacked by young bulls trying to video bomb us,  and ten year old girls but the latter became new fans of mine! πŸ™‚ you never make fans where you think you will. 

Anyway: piano, rhodes, cajun, shaker, tambourine, vocals; me

Beautiful trio bulgarka like choir; JM Erikson

Chorus backing vocals: Kenneth FlodstrΓΆm

Guitar in chorus; Jonas Lamprecht

And of course camera! πŸ˜€ Silja Kareketo.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚


Venetian Blind

I’m so excited about this inbetween project I’m doing. While I’m still working album, I’ve got a bit of another little bonus on the go. With some friends help I got the perfect location for the video, although we had to run from some young bulls to make it happen. A first for me, but them cowsies wanted to take part badly…

As an added bonus, two young girls (about 8-10) took notice. I mean, I was in the middle of the Skaraborg Moores with a dress from 1975 graciously lent to me, and a venetian mask, so it sure looked odd. “What are you doing?” As I explained, they hurried home to look me up on youtube, and one hour later as we were still filming (these things take time) they cycled by and yelled: “We love your music!!” “Thank you!” Well, what an odd place to make fans, behorned or not… πŸ˜‰

But let me tell you, I’m seriously psyched. I’ve asked for some great collabs, and the first one to give it to me was J, who performed on my West Pride gig. She gave me choirs which I seriously compare to the Trio Bulgarka who performed on Kate Bush’s “The sensual world”. It’s pretty magic. And I knit pick when I need to, and only give compliments when something is truly great. This was. I am so looking forward to showing this to y’all! πŸ™‚


Tori magic

It’s good to put in some real effort and a painful amount of money to see your fav artist at times (painful mostly because I’ve baught an ass expensive camera this month). It makes you remember why you do what you do, because it really matters, because people do stuff like that to see you.

The effort was me driving in Stockholm. I’ve done it before, so no biggie, but during Pride and other festivals? *shudders*… I got to work on my big hand gestures in traffic, let me tell you. But we could basically drive up and park right next to the festival, because let’s face it, most people are not crazy like me, they wanna relax and drink, there were plenty of parking spaces. I drove because of time constraints and the fact that I wanted to treat us all to a comfy ride there and back. Which made me perfectly sober seeing Tori for the first time in ten years, so all is good! πŸ™‚

I also got to snuggle with awesome Al’s two kids (one two year old and a four month old) no pics though due to trying to respect kids who can’t speak for themselves yet. The four month old got oddly excited when I started singing Electric Six’s “Gay Bar” to her, so now Al knows what lullaby to use… Aaand I also got to play Pac Man in the morning! πŸ˜€

I’ll treat you to the best pic of Tori I got, the one where she looks straight into my camera and proceeds to sing Taxi Ride, my fav from Scarlet’s Walk. So yeah, that felt both magical and personal, a little tear was shed… πŸ˜‰

All in all the whole gig was pretty damn magical, even with the girls standing behind us going; “So how old are you?” “25 and 28” “Oooh, my god, I thought you were young!” (these are the girls who “only listen to Tori’s old stuff”, I say wipe your noses).

Tori performed all her songs about equality and sexuality, pretty damn perfect on an evening like this, you felt the love from everywhere. She drew a pretty effing big crowd for someone who “doesn’t have a Swedish audience”. No, really, look at her fb page and the pics the crew took.

Oh, and I must treat you to the Wife Sons of Anarchy fight! πŸ˜€