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Getting to know the new addition

I recently aquired a red Nikon D3300 to my camera collection, my first fully digital SLR camera. I actually have some analogue ones, my grandpa was a total photo buff just like me and he gave two to me during his lifetime, and I inherited one when he died. While I enjoy playing around with them very much, especially in honour of gramp’s memory, I thought it was about time I got one for my line of work and let’s face it, just because I love photography.

Ever since I got a raise at work this spring I started saving up, and I finally made a move as it made sense to give it to my selfsome as a birthday present. I was so careful and didn’t even dare to use it before I got a case for it today, I ventured down to central Skara where they have some really nice alternatives to choose from, and helpful personel to give me a few pointers. I do like that about small towns.

I baught the camera house at, and they sent me a milky way in the package too! I choose to interpret that as me being special and them knowing my great love for chocolate, even if a photographer friend indicate they always do that 😉 Anywho, the milky way was delish! 😉

Here are some of the first pics I took (and a pic of the camera itself and the milky way package)! 🙂 I still need some practice but my furry friends light up a pic no matter what.








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