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Restless mind – the science of sheep

I’ll admit something personal, I’m a regular insomniac. I never used to be, I think I couldn’t be what with school/university always starting early in the morning. Sleep came easy. I had other side effects from that restless mind of my mine. I used to have the bad form of lucid dreaming. Now, unlike my friend who’s a neuro biology student/doctor I can only explain this simply, but I guess that’s good if you’re not a neuro biology student yourself.

Good form of lucid dreaming: You realize you’re dreaming and can control your dream. Bad form: Your body (or maybe just eyes) wakes up and your brain doesn’t quite, so you still dream and see things like hands reaching out for you in the bed, spiders coming down from the ceiling, at times you’ll even feel something chomping at your feet and it actually hurts because your damn brain is sending out those signals! Traitor! I’ve had one witness able to describe it as he woke me up from it. The dream I had beforehand was bad, and I wanted to turn on the lights. I saw: my hands reaching out and going through the lamp, I couldn’t turn it on. He saw: me staring blankly into space, breath becoming heavier, obviously in a state of panic but not moving, and he felt he had to wake me up (I had warned him about it, so he knew what it was). As weird as it sounds I’d take those times over insomniac times, because at least I was sleeping and my friend had a perfect brain she quote: “Re-he-heally want to poke”. She calmed me and said it’s either this or not sleeping at all a lot of the times when you’re a creative person with a creative brain.

So I had a hard time sleeping the other night, and I thought: hey, what the hell, I’ll try the counting sheep thing! Well, what a load of…

Counting sheep for a restless mind (who also works with sheep on a regular basis and knows a little bit about them) goes something like this;
“One…two… hmmmm, I mean, in real life counting sheep is serious business, make sure all the sheep are there, but like this? Well, the sheep just go on and on ’til you fall asleep, not very informative of the number of sheep… Three, four … I mean, dude? How odd? Why sheep? Sheep are huffy and puffy and pushy, they follow you and go BAAAAH, that’s not very serene… five… six…seven… Ew, and then there are those demon eyes of theirs. Slits instead of round pupils, it looks right on snakes, but not on mammals… Eight… Maybe it’s got something to do with the wool, they ARE like big fluffy pillows… Hee hee. ..(here my mind goes to a pic I’ve seen on facebook where some farmers have trimmed their sheep in the shape of poodles) I wonder how it’d look if you just totally shaved the head, so it just sort of pops out like a glans in the middle of all the fluff. Hee hee… (Here my mind goes to the image of a penile glans sheep). But this thing with merino wool, oh, the production is just an awful, cruel process! Can’t sheep turn dangerous? Yes they can! I’ve seen Black Sheep! God damn creepy flesh eating zombie sheep! Ick! And that’s supposed to make you fall asleep? Hee heee… (here my mind goes to the sheep in Black Sheep driving the jeep). Swedish word pun: Får får får?… Nej… får får lamm…” etc etc…

I also had a brief moment wondering how I would look like as a sheep but let’s not get into that now. Point is, no. Just no. A busy mind can’t do the sheep thing.

A good friend actually told me the method comes from shepherds in the old days falling asleep while counting their sheep, well alrighty then, I’ve learned something new today! Still, how can you not start philosophizing about sheep as you’re counting them? Impossible.

By the way, I think I hold the record of the number of times the word “sheep” has been used in a blog post! 🙂


Evil critters at Ekehagens forntidsby. Look at them. Have you seen “The Birds”?


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