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On current events

Super stoked about the Supreme Court desicion in the States. USA has little to do with Sweden and our own policies, which we take great pride in when they are held up as an example for the rest of the world, but it’s still a country with some almost 300 million people in it and the ruling that all states must allow two adults in love to wed is big, and awesome. I didn’t even know they could do that, I was expecting some odd 20 yrs more or something because of separate states, so when George Takei posted the news (that’s where me, miss Nerd, first read it) I just had tears of joy coming down my cheeks. 26th of June was a fantastic date. Almost thought fb changed your profile pic automatically  to a rainbow one there, wow (but I never did seen as my profile pic is from my performance at West Pride so, come on, dude…)

And on a personal note, on that very day I had a night out with my musicians and I think for the first time in forever it just didn’t feel strange to go “We’re talking here, leave us alone” and “Go away, just go the f*ck away, you’re being effing offensive” (to a guy hugging and touching me when it was clearly not OK, uttered by my bass player and me). May seem like an obvious thing, but yeah, the first time it felt totally OK to say it. A proof of the progress feminism gives us, even me who seems outspoken, everyday.

And Zara Larsson and Bråvalla the day after. For those of you not in the loop, this 17-year-old pop artist made some statements about how she hoped the festival scene was gender conscious and met a lot of hate for it. But she rocked her performance and people, among them the male head acts, cheered her on. I never understood the hate and clear irritation against her, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she’s 17 and already shows some great music biz/feminist courage, and that’s a thorn in a lot of sides who could never muster that courage at 17. Personally, I find it a hell of a lot more productive to be inspired and cheer her on, no matter how big or not at all big of a fan I am of the music and whatnot. You go girl, and all that 😉

Photos: As a former student of The Science of Religion, it’s a fun time to visit Swedish “road churches”. It’s churches that are totally unlocked everyday during the summer so you can visit them and have a peek. This one in Öglunda has a Jewish menorah. Surprising but purrdy! 🙂

Also, me with my first proper balcony flowers. I’ve tried before, but I think I bought those forms of flowers that don’t withstand the sun very well. I love that I have sun all day on the balcony, but there are downsides. I planted these two months ago, still alive and well! 🙂



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