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A hairy question

I am getting more and more respect for Miley Cyrus. That’s right, you heard me… What makes me cringe is that armpit hair on women is still headline news in 2015! Are we really not further along?

Reports that women sport armpit hair is still met with comments like “so unfeminine”, especially disrespectful in Miley’s case as she has identified herself as “gender fluid”. Not cool, dude!

Me? I’ve tried growing it out but I got a wimpy pile of small hairs and unless I can get a respectful bush like Patti Smith on “Easter” I say never mind, shaving it looks better -for me-.

I do get attracted to men shaving armpits and such, not that I have any preferences in body hair and honestly, none of my bee’s wax, but men shaving their armpits quickly show me a person who doesn’t care about what society thinks, worry about being “unmasculine”, they clearly do what makes them happy and that’s sexy as hell.



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