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Maria testar / Maria tries

I’ve had some requests for some “Maria Testar” (“Maria tries this”) segments on my blog after I tried to be a mermaid. For some reason a lot of experiments leave me undressed. Well, here are two Maria Testar:

1. A bit more child friendly, Maria tries to figure out what the hell highlighter means. I get them in my make up boxes or along with concealers and I just have no idea. Apparently they, surprise, highlight things like cheek bones and so on. So I watched a video and put some on the face. I mean, sure, my cheek bones stand out more, but I’m not sure if that looks better than them not doing so? Comparing with a no-makeup photo, I look like I’ve had loads of unsightly surgery cher-style, not sure I agree that I need it.

2.Rufus Wainwright claims to compose in the buff with a glass of wine. Alright then, let’s give it a go! Oh dear. Cold. Cold and yet sweaty in all the wrong places. Bits are hanging where they shouldn’t and I can’t concentrate on the piano. Is the seat supposed to glue to my butt cheeks like this? Oh, my, I feel a urinary tract infection coming on, what have I forgotten? Oh, the wine, of course, the wine will make it all feel better! Gulp gulp… hey?! What am I doing on the floor? Oh right, the balance act of a piano stool when you’ve been drinking alcohol… OK, I think I’ll just… zzzzzzz

A sad, naked, possibly plaether-allergic and sleepy drunk. That is where trying to follow Mr Wainwright’s direction will get you. So… maybe do your own thing when you compose?

Give me more tips on “Maria Testar”, if you want! 🙂

  No make up
  More make up + highlighter Well, this composing session went well!


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