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West Pride 2015

I am so humbled and honoured to be part of this almost every year. I love West Pride, I really do, and the growth of the festival has made me so happy. Celebrating us all being ourselves. We touched the subject going to Gothenburg with the musicians: “I have this and this insecurity, but I thought; hey, f*ck it today.” Indeed.

And today marked a bit of a difference, adding guitar with shy JM Erikson, and choir. It really was different, in a good way. Our meeting was one of those good co-inkydinks. We just noticed eachother, having lots of friends in common in social media (both old ones from gymnasium and new ones, she resides in Gothenburg and I am from there), having a lot of the same opinions. Finally she sent me a friend request, and I’m no stranger to taking friend requests of people I haven’t met, or for that matter sending them, if the person just seems decent and awesome. “Hey, you seem cool, let’s be friends!” That was just sorta it. She was looking for drummers, I tipped her off, she said: “Already in the studio, but thanks, though, let me know if you need guitar and choir!”. “As a matter of fact I do, for this West Pride gig”. And we just went from there.

The audience was completely shaded. And by that I mean no one dared to actually go up to the square and stand in the front, because it was just too damned hot, our audience was completely to the left in the beer tent, but at least 100 + people and I sold some physical records yet again, always a pleasant surprise, but I do think anything physical is making a big comeback as people like to own something tangible.

And how effing surreal is it to wait for Mona Sahlin (Swedish well known politician) to exit the stage so you can go up there? Like she’s your opening act. Oh, yes, pretty damn surreal.




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