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Less work, more play.

Final day of Ekehagen work. While I truly enjoy every minute of working outside, getting to hug the cow, the pigs, the sheep and watch the wild boar bah bahs grow bigger, there is a relief in not doing double shifts (like working 8-22 like today) anymore. At the end of the day, you are happy but so exhausted. I’ve promised to come visit during summer with the friends who were jealous of all my “this is where I work” photos (because it really is very beautiful). If nothing else I need my own little snuggly Lovart. Yes, they sold wild boar soft teddies this season. And just as I was going to buy one, they sold out. Lovart made quite an impression on the kids I think. Even one of my work colleagues at the other job, upon hearing me talk about him, went; Ooooh, I gotta meet him! So of course I need my own Lovart, and will come back this summer to get one. As final work days go; not bad. Lurvely weather, lots of time, great kids, although an unusual problem arose. A teaching assistant from today’s class was so good looking I couldn’t look at him without Barry White playing in my head. The bastard even let his hair down and shook it all shampoo commercial like. Cue Barry White again. I really think you should ugly it up if you’re gonna come to Ekehagen, and not distract the nice guides 😉

From now on, more time for music, which is both sad (as I said, love the job) and a great relief. Songwriting has been going strong though, have some lyrics to the latest song I wrote, Wolf Man. And yes, there is a double entendre in “Sheep (Cheap) Suit” and how I spell it.

He’s so true, he’s so raw, he’s so blue, he’s so naturally kind

And when tables do turn and they will you will think you’ve lost your mind
So take your time to come around
You will find you’re not alone on the other side

Before he tears you asunder
His sheep suit’s going to burst
Can I get to you I wonder
Not if the wolf man gets you first

He’s so good, he’s connected I would but I’m not on his good side
If you don’t dance the dance he assigned you you’re pushed right of the slide

Before you know what hit you
Come on baby do your worst
You just know that I’ll be with you
But the wolf man’s with you first

Terrible work environment. Just horrific…


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