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Home taping is killing music

The gig was early, but went really well! 🙂 At 1.30 p.m. I graced the Uppåner scene, a bit apprehensive. “Sh*t, there’s mostly old folks and kids, and my lyrics contain nasty words up the wazoo”. And the presentation I had written was a mistake. I thought I’d write some really pretentious sh*t, you know, like the ones music magazines like Uncut do. Lots of big words. And our presenter was practising his Swedish, let alone pretentious music magazine stuff, so it basically came to a halt at the first word; Siouxsie and the Banshees. Hell, I hardly knew two weeks ago how to pronounce it. I had googled the spelling not to make an ass of myself. I just kept thinking; “poor kid, and I was going out of my way to make this a brilliant piece of 50-word presentation”. Just goes to show, do your own thing. I’m usually nowhere near this douche-y when writing my little pieces. That would’ve payed off today 😉

So I just went “uh-oh” and expected very little of this gig. Partly because of the facts I have previously mentioned, partly because of the time slot (I know the arranger and he needed to fill the space after a cancelation so he contacted me) and partly because it was just me, the piano and the bass player. But as it progressed, I could tell people where sitting down and listening intently and really liking it, something that always feeds your energy as an artist too and makes you perform even better. A tired reporter who had snapped shots with her mobile phone on the other acts all of a sudden brought out the good, big camera and started snapping. And she even bought the albums (yes, plural) after the gig. One member of the audience said: “I don’t know much about music, but I can just tell you should be playing for bigger audiences”. My answer: “I don’t care how big the audience, as long as I get to play my music and make people happy”. “I know, that shows, and that’s precisely one of the reasons you deserve a bigger one, trust me!”.

Backstage talking to arrangers, mentioning our drummer was away at another gig: “What strange priorities when you’re this brilliant”. Let me just tell you, musicians and artists don’t think like that. First booked, first played. If you’re a pro anyway, if you genuinely love what you do, it’s not about the “best thing” and honestly that’s the kind of people I wanna be working with. Trust me on that one. It might be what makes or breaks us one day. The honesty.

I kept on selling records throughout the day, waiting for Malin Andersson to play. Look up Malin Andersson and Small Town, I was a pretty decent lyrical assistant on that 😉 Anyway, Malin is quite awesome, and constantly evolves, so have a listen and marvle at the fact that her partner Andy Potter is related to Harry Potter! 😉

I really have been selling a lot of physical records. It makes me question the “CD is dead ” thing, because all of a sudden, I’m forced to consider second prints of my stuff! I never would’ve dreamed of it two years ago, but I think there’s something about just owning something tangible. People like it.

And about the compliments I received; Yes, no matter how sure you are of yourself and how great your confidence is, they are always a joy to hear. Don’t skimp on them, ever. They are never a waste, be it someone world famous or someone who seems confident, they are so very appreciated. Keep ’em coming.

  Where you’ll always find me after a gig, next to the animals, of course!
    Janicca Hermansson with her supercool green cord            Ivory Dogs  Mile      Tibro Surroundings      Malin 🙂


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  1. Andy

    About the size of the crowd-I come from the city that English group Oasis came from. One of their anthems is called Rock n Roll Star. In the early days, they would be in a club with maybe just two or three people listening to them and the lead singer would be belting out “I’m a rock n roll star.” That takes balls, I think.

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