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Keepin’ it reel

Gag reel for Friendly Fire. Mostly because I wanna show you there’s no supra-human behind the scenes who casually sips her tea from a flowery tea cup between takes.

First of all you have to understand something. When I practised the routine I basically wore underwear. Tiny shorts and a sports bra. After three goes I was knackered. The shoot was five takes. Fully dressed. With a cold, so a proper mouth breather. I was a slight wreck which you can see on my chest and how it moves. All respect to the little kid, Maddie Ziegler, that Sia uses!

Posting today coz it’ll be my last post for a while. Work 8-22 for two days straight, then rehearsals with the gang and new addition Sekalita (Jessica), then off to Italy with a stop at the alps where I’ve promised to twirl around and sing about the hills being alive, only apt since my name is Maria.

Some behind the scene pics to, the absolutely awesome tummy rolls mean I’m a human being, go figure, and the graceful cleavage wipe is my favourite.





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