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New single Friendly Fire, with B-side!

‘Ere you go, governor’, ‘ave a listen!

Tomorrow, friday, I’ll be recording the video as well. Haven’t been able to go about it as usual, practising choreography and excersizing a bit extra the days before. Mainly to have the muscles to make the moves properly, to not be constricted, to give myself the best chance of opening my body up. And the week before I cut down on the junk food. Mainly because I just don’t need anything crippling my moves. Healthy stuff in the system. It’s not a diet or slimming down thing, I’ve never done that for a video, not even Haunting where I played possessed. That was make up and binding the boobs in, gives an immediate gaunt look. It’s just that I can do without burgers for a week (but no more 😉 ) and I want to give my body it’s best chance to perform. With the obvious exception of Little Dragon, where I was ill and my grandpa died right around those weeks of filming. Some have said it made it more real, as I was the mother of a toddler. It’s also the only time I’ve gotten a mean comment about my looks, on a blog post talking about how there’s too much focus on women’s looks in the entertainment industry, with the blog post before talking about why I was so run down. So someone should have asked the wizard for a brain that day, I guess…

Anyways, I’m running a small cold and a fever, so I have to trust that all the practising I’ve done before is enough, because now I’ve gotta concentrate on being quite well come friday. It has it’s upside though. Looking quite the not so minty fresh little lass, the artwork for the surprise B-side, Milk Carton, is perfect, as the “missing persons” pic on a milk carton is seldom flattering.

It’s an old song from when I had very little equipment to record with, and my only A capella song, so it’s pretty special and very old school. It’s a fictional story of a North American woman fleeing her abusive partner upon finding out she is pregnant. Now all she wants to do is protect her baby. North American because she gets in the car, starts driving, keeps on driving and only stops at diners and motels. Diners and motels, well, that’s pretty much USA stuff. And missing people on milk cartons as well. It does not end well, hubby finds her and gives her a final good beating, she miscarries on the bed. There’s a happy child voice throughout the song disappearing in that moment  with a whisper. It ends before it’s clear if the woman survived, leaving that to be questioned, but I hate stories with no hope in them, so if you ask me I think she did.

milk carton


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