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Planning more than one surprise for the single release of Friendly Fire May 7th. One clue is in the pic, it includes using those strong, bendy thighs of mine which I rarely use for the music. This album/EP process has been all about challenging myself and taking some of my fav past times that I don’t like to show to the public (like the drawing part), so that’s another clue!

Also, EP Scarnotes is available in physical form, and added to the blog shop (bottom of the page) and later added to the homepage when I’ve worked everything out. Enjoy! 🙂

Omslag Scarnotes



About lillabohmen

Swedish lovechild of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. 2 albums and 2 EP:s, all available at Spotify, Itunes, and physically. A blog about music, being a female musician in a male dominated business and the occasional feminist/veggie rant. Check out my homepage: for news, bits and bobs and bio, and buy-o of my music. Never lose that creative spark!

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