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Like an open book

I use every means of inspiration I can get to keep the songwriting flow going. I avoid getting writer’s block by a) watching films and series, Little Dragon alone has blatantely stolen from TV-show Friends, Pan’s Labyrinth and Gilmore Girls. b) Reading, anything really, biographies and novels alike gives me ideas.

When I avoided both TV and books completely, I wrote, and yes for real, lines like “where’s the toilet paper”. I’ve lucked out, like when I wrote in Hultsfred with all this music and nature surrounding me (and I watched no TV though I read regularly), but I think they contributed then.

So I’m in this “I’m gonna read the classics that inspired so many” place at the moment. While I’ve read quite a lot of them already (Alice in Wonderland and Finnegan’s Wake among others) I thought I’d really do it intently now. So far I’ve plowed through Huckleberry Finn, Mrs Dalloway and Moby Dick in the last 14 days. Man. Nothing. Lucky I watched the cranes at Hornborgasjön the other week, a few songs sprung from them.

I love Mark Twain, but Huck Finn is such a lad’s book, it really is. Like an old school version of Jens Lapidus with his Mach 3 razors, 98 octane petrol and inability to put together sentences with verbes in them. The way the women are described, the perspective, the racism, although probably chronically correct. Nah…

Mrs Dalloway; watch the hours instead. Sums up the book in a more meaningful way.

Moby Dick; some 400 pages of whale killing, quite vividly described? Good choice for a vegetarian! Captain Ahab, you’ a crazy son of a b*tch! At least it contains some fun words like “sperm oil”. And “Dick”.

I’ll try a few more, but so far nothing. Well, not nothing, reading does keep my brain sharp and the lingo/lyric centre in my brain alert, otherwise the cranes might not have given me some songs. But my oh my, how some of those books are overrated!

In the meantime, have a flyer for an alpacka show. Only in Schlätta!


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