Musical Beltane

What do you do when a group of men are singing marvelous choir songs to spring just down the hill from where you live? Why, you get down there and watch them of course! 😉 Skara does have an awesome tradition here. Skara Manskör perform at Kråks every April 30th, and I like to have a gander when they do. This year was particularly fun, as Mattias, an old pal I haven’t seen in ages since kids and whatnot, joined the choir a little while ago, so I got to say hi and ask him what harmony he does (tenor of course) and catch up ever so quickly.

This year’s spring speech was a bit of a letdown though. While Åke Bonnier had a powerful speech against rasicm and included the new Swedish gender neutral word “hen” last year, this year it was Margareta Stigson really going back 50 yrs. Talking about how girls couldn’t help but enjoy the spring smells. Wow, I do, but I had no idea the scent was connected to my uterus, I thought it was connected to me noticing nature with my senses and paying attention as a human being.

Otherwise I do like to take it easy, maybe write a bit of music and chill on this day. There is a long tradition of Swedes having been cooked up all winter getting shitfaced today, and me, I’m a rebel, I like to get shitfaced more evenly distributed over the year 😉 There is spring energy in the air though, so better channel it one way or another. I go for creatively!

Happy Beltane!



Competition to win the album and the EP on Facebook! 😀 If you are using this devil’s tool of social media and haven’t liked my page yet, please do 🙂

You have a leg up as you have the text on the album cover a bit more clearly here;

maria_cover 001

Good luck! Proceeds will still go to Amnesty, as I mention in the video, where you get to make fun of my make up free face! 🙂

Busy Bee

Planning more than one surprise for the single release of Friendly Fire May 7th. One clue is in the pic, it includes using those strong, bendy thighs of mine which I rarely use for the music. This album/EP process has been all about challenging myself and taking some of my fav past times that I don’t like to show to the public (like the drawing part), so that’s another clue!

Also, EP Scarnotes is available in physical form, and added to the blog shop (bottom of the page) and later added to the homepage when I’ve worked everything out. Enjoy! 🙂

Omslag Scarnotes


Like an open book

I use every means of inspiration I can get to keep the songwriting flow going. I avoid getting writer’s block by a) watching films and series, Little Dragon alone has blatantely stolen from TV-show Friends, Pan’s Labyrinth and Gilmore Girls. b) Reading, anything really, biographies and novels alike gives me ideas.

When I avoided both TV and books completely, I wrote, and yes for real, lines like “where’s the toilet paper”. I’ve lucked out, like when I wrote in Hultsfred with all this music and nature surrounding me (and I watched no TV though I read regularly), but I think they contributed then.

So I’m in this “I’m gonna read the classics that inspired so many” place at the moment. While I’ve read quite a lot of them already (Alice in Wonderland and Finnegan’s Wake among others) I thought I’d really do it intently now. So far I’ve plowed through Huckleberry Finn, Mrs Dalloway and Moby Dick in the last 14 days. Man. Nothing. Lucky I watched the cranes at Hornborgasjön the other week, a few songs sprung from them.

I love Mark Twain, but Huck Finn is such a lad’s book, it really is. Like an old school version of Jens Lapidus with his Mach 3 razors, 98 octane petrol and inability to put together sentences with verbes in them. The way the women are described, the perspective, the racism, although probably chronically correct. Nah…

Mrs Dalloway; watch the hours instead. Sums up the book in a more meaningful way.

Moby Dick; some 400 pages of whale killing, quite vividly described? Good choice for a vegetarian! Captain Ahab, you’ a crazy son of a b*tch! At least it contains some fun words like “sperm oil”. And “Dick”.

I’ll try a few more, but so far nothing. Well, not nothing, reading does keep my brain sharp and the lingo/lyric centre in my brain alert, otherwise the cranes might not have given me some songs. But my oh my, how some of those books are overrated!

In the meantime, have a flyer for an alpacka show. Only in Schlätta!

Scarnotes on Bandcamp!

EP is also on bandcamp now! Remember, you can pay as much as you want for download of EP or individual songs, but part of proceeds do go to Amnesty- stop violence against women, so let Jiminy Cricket lead the way to what you want to pay for it.

The artwork is in picture form this time, thought I’d treat you to it, and to my oh so awful and ugly current work place. Inspiring,  spending five hours a day in awesome Swedish nature next to wildboar babies! 🙂


Sarah 1

Sue Aside

Weak 2


I’m not your friend

New song on Soundcloud! Checkz it out! 🙂

2.20 long, so no novel, for the impatient ones. Having a dabble with arranging pizzicato strings, something I’ve been curious about! 🙂


You are like water, slip through my fingers everytime I get a hold you run from me so scared and cold, do you feel so confined, when did I cross the line?
I’m not a monster but I’m not your friend. Friends don’t leave crosses to hang in your den. Taunting me.
You are not with me yet not against me, indifferent to things I do until the day I mention you. Do you have such regret? Oh my dear how quickly they forget.
I’m not a monster but I’m not your friend. Friends don’t leave markings you can’t wash away, taunting me.
Do you feel such regret, oh my dear how quickly they forget, do you feel such regret oh, my dear how quickly you forget.
I’m not a monster but I’m not your friend. Friends they don’t use you again and again. Go away.