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Music is never quite free

Let’s talk music biz for a moment. I am fortunate enough to have talented people show up after some searching, and most don’t care if they get paid or not. Not saying they don’t care at all, but it’s not a must. But I wanna pay them properly. “You’ve created magic with me, I’d create magic with you but I still wanna reward you”. It’s just this quiet understanding of how little money there is in some layers of the music biz, but at the end of the day I run a business and wanna pay the people who did a smashing job for me. That’s why the first funds I sought we’re an awful surprise. “I can’t even pay half of them with this.”

Then recently I got a bit of second wind and could actually suprise my musicians with some unexpected and welcome cash. Gotta say it felt really good. Probably nowhere near the work they really put in there, but still, a lot more than I could promise them at first. I’m not gonna say: “fooh on you for downloading” but if you appreciate what you downloaded, make that count. We love what we do. We have a passion. But the passion means a lot of hours of practising, working, showing up, doing our best. And there should always be at least a little reward for that, especially if you enjoy what we do.

Can’t leave you without a pic, so here’s loving wildboar papa Lovart and two of his babies I photographed today! šŸ™‚



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