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My Band Camp Art

Finished off the artwork and completed my release on Bandcamp today, had a lot of fun with the artwork. It’s artwork, but with humour in it and a reflection of what I thought of when I wrote the songs. Still reminding you I grew up with my cartoonist brother, so more cartoons than paintings.

Got a bit lazy and let Photoshop do most of the background, but the motif and the writing is still very much handmade! 🙂

Album again:

Friendly Fire artSandbox bildStigmata art Thank me laterThe other woman art


About lillabohmen

Swedish lovechild of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. 2 albums and 2 EP:s, all available at Spotify, Itunes, and physically. A blog about music, being a female musician in a male dominated business and the occasional feminist/veggie rant. Check out my homepage: for news, bits and bobs and bio, and buy-o of my music. Never lose that creative spark!

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