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Thankfully, you can edit a release on Bandcamp afterwards. I put it up in a hurry on monday cause I knew I had friends without Spotify who were curious, but the site recommends you putting up all the codes, adding artwork and lyrics, which I will do step by step during the week.

Pod People is track no 2. I just told the musicians: “This is the closest I’ll go to funk. I just want funk on this. It suits it.” And got some with the tambourines and the trumpet.

I wrote it in 2011, having recovered from a long spell of depressions made worse right before it got better (2007-2009= baaaad years). The thought of getting married, getting a puppy, kids, a volvo, was still so far from my mind as I was really finding and coming to terms with myself. Yet people around me seemed to go crazy about it, posting all these blissful things and I was like: “What happened to you, man? Is this not scary to you?” Turns out it was, they’ve admitted later in my conversations with them. People open up to me easily for some reason, a blessing in this biz of putting feels on paper and melody.  It just wasn’t on to admit it. And many have calmed down on portraying picture perfect since.

So the artwork to this is a loving one, still playing with my views back then. I honestly thought things like: “Body Snatchers”, “Cocoon”, peas in a pod. “Join us, it’s bliiiisss”…. Some cute, happy, not quite identical peas in a pod. They are quite content, as they should be after their scary journey!

Pod people art


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