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Mother and father pt 2 official video

Video time! On the eve of album release, you get the second video from the album. The Warrior Whore (LOOOOVE my mohawk!), the Fallen Madonna trapped in her sea of ribbons and the real woman, both Madonna and whore, taking a ritual bath to marry the two. Naked and hint of nipple, OMG!

Ribbons are traditionally a symbol for woman, where the fallen Madonna is trapped (and the warrior whore quickly unties hers) but starts to unravel them as she gets more brave. Also a symbol of vampirism (vampires have to untie ribbons to get out of their prison) in the old days only attributed to women.

Big thanks to Silja Kareketo (bass) Robin Wernebratt (drums) Boel Söderberg (cello) Lisa Moberg (violin) and Fabian Worbin (guitars). And yes, you may marvel at my amazing key changes that I did in one take, sometimes jumping between three keys.

And my amazing latin skills (i.e. what I picked up singing in a British chamber choir when I lived in England) Intro: “In the name of the Father, son and the holy spirit, praise Maria” (hence the laugh about praising myself) and after coda: “One two three four”. Fluent, I am 😉


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