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Get me bodied

The release of the music video for Mother and Father pt 2 was scheduled for today, but delayed due to tech difficulties. Well, these things happen. Still wanna treat you to a sneak peek on march 8th, a sacred holiday in the Bohm residence for sure.

The album is themed Madonna/Whore, and so is this video. You’ve got the fallen Madonna (Below right), the Warrior Whore (the mohawk girl) and the actual woman trying to marry the two (the naked woman) and reconsile with the fact that she has passion and compassion living in the same body. Thematically, I wanted to do it properly and went full frontal in front of my director to make myself vulnerable. I also wore waaaay to little in icy cold to portray the etherial whore. Cooooold! And then the hot bath? Still thankful I didn’t get a major cold from it! Anyways; mohawk, in love. Coolest hair I’ve worn for a video. Naked?  Uncomfortable but keeping Amanda Palmer in mind. “Relax guys, it’s only a naked body”. How true. We all have ’em, don’t we? Can’t say the fallen Madonna stirred to many external feelings. It’s a role woman have been used to playing for ages. If you think she’s the prettiest and most comfortable, there might be a reason.



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