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More of my handy work

Getting closer to the release (just one week away, now, eeeh, Scarlett, my girl, it’s getting exciting!) I’m dropping more secrets. I have been very closed up, just wanting to go through the process with no discerning eyes for a change, but when the work is done and the release is getting nigh, I’m easing up on it.

A brief review of playing double keys at today’s gig first of all: lovely, awesome, what a feeling, but carrying two keyboards and the stands to go with them? Chris’, 8-year-old Maria, why didn’t you opt for learning the flute instead when you had a choice? 😉

But, OK, here’s part of the cover. Not the whole cover, I’m still putting that on hold for release, but part of the cover, the main pic. What a treat that was shooting together with my bass player and using all our knowledge of light and photography. She did all the hand lettering, a trooper for sure, while I was preparing for the shoot. But it wasn’t bright red through and through from the beginning. The idea has been very little photoshop, very little editing, very much by hand. That’s been a stipulation of mine, not much computers when it comes to instruments, art or anything. It’s Scarletters, not Scar-office-memos. And we lined the letters with a red pen. Then we discovered my fiber pens were pretty dried up, and my oil based colour couldn’t quite give the colour nuance we wanted. So I had to turn to photoshop. And even though we lined the letters, live photography gives all kinds of shifting in light and shadow, so “magic wand” and “fill” wasn’t an option. So I just zoomed in and did the tedious “fill in with red” by hand in PS (so, hands were still present! 😉 ), took me a day or two for sure.

I am also treating you to two photos from Storkyrkan in Stockholm (very similar to Mariakyrkan in Skara though I do favour my hometown church a wee bit more), just cause they’ purrdy. And because I want you to settle this. I’m sure it’s SUPPOSED to be a sheep with a halo and a flag, but to me it just looks like he/she’s wearing a very fancy haute coutoure hat. I might add that I think that dress is blue, no question.


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One response to “More of my handy work

  1. Andy

    The sheep looks like it’s holding one of those hand held sun shade thingies old Southern belles would use. Good luck with the release.

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