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My new torture devices

Today’s pic is from rehearsals and may need a background story. I’m in my drummer’s rehearsal room, and he’s got a band called Nimmt Zwei with his girlfriend Helena as well. Helena loves the heels. I never wear them. But we share the same bigfoot size 40-41 Europe (7 UK women, USA 9) so occasionally, I get to try some on. I’ve got the Hallux Valgus thing which means heels are bad for me, but I honestly don’t think I’d wear them even if that wasn’t the case. Hovering a comfortable 1,72 m over the earth surface (5 ft 8) I don’t really need them, but I don’t think that would make a difference either. I just can’t walk on those pointy needle thingys.

Seeing those bright yellow loboutins I of course had to try them on and the vertigo was instant (but a very sexy Ronald McDonald combo with the socks). Helena, you are a true trooper balancing on these things!



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One response to “My new torture devices

  1. Those are some awesome heels… 😉

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