Music is never quite free

Let’s talk music biz for a moment. I am fortunate enough to have talented people show up after some searching, and most don’t care if they get paid or not. Not saying they don’t care at all, but it’s not a must. But I wanna pay them properly. “You’ve created magic with me, I’d create magic with you but I still wanna reward you”. It’s just this quiet understanding of how little money there is in some layers of the music biz, but at the end of the day I run a business and wanna pay the people who did a smashing job for me. That’s why the first funds I sought we’re an awful surprise. “I can’t even pay half of them with this.”

Then recently I got a bit of second wind and could actually suprise my musicians with some unexpected and welcome cash. Gotta say it felt really good. Probably nowhere near the work they really put in there, but still, a lot more than I could promise them at first. I’m not gonna say: “fooh on you for downloading” but if you appreciate what you downloaded, make that count. We love what we do. We have a passion. But the passion means a lot of hours of practising, working, showing up, doing our best. And there should always be at least a little reward for that, especially if you enjoy what we do.

Can’t leave you without a pic, so here’s loving wildboar papa Lovart and two of his babies I photographed today! 🙂


The EP-suprise!

Yeah, I pulled a total Beyoncé on you. While I leaked things from Scarletters I managed to keep quiet about the biggie. Today, when my twin cousins were born 12 yrs ago (again, family girl) I released an entire EP after the album! 🙂

Harpsichord, organs, piano, strings, drum and bass all in a neat little four song package called Scarnotes.

The only ones who knew were some of the musicians (those who needed to know) and of course the mixing engineers and recording engineers, because lets face it, it’s hard to hide it from them when you’re recording an additional four songs. Might very well be the reason this project took such a long time, and maybe I won’t do it again… but oh, sweet ride!

And the happy day has many dimensions. I got the coolest hat ever from my co-worker who just loves it when I get excited about these things… It’s Spongebob! 😀 Making an exception here on “avoiding personal life blog posts”, but I do think Spongebob transcends that. He just does. With his awesomeness.


New music video!

Haven’t done a lot of lyric videos, so I thought it was about time. Friendly Fire is an up and coming single that will feature lots of bonus goodies, but why hold all the treats in?

The video is accompanied by my very graphic “spilled guts” drawing to the song, and ends with one of my fav quotes from war poet Wilfred Owen, pretty much describing what I think of the concept of war.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Photo session

I had a brief walk in Petersburg to shoot a singles cover, experimented with a lot of stuff, some selfies, but the best one I got who made a later singles cover is neither a selfie or anything like these photos so I thought I could treat you to ’em.

I get why people, less distracted by mobile phones and flat screens, thought this was the domain of the Huldra and the Trolls. For all I know, they might still be walking around there when no people disturb them.

I am also freaked out by blue eyes. I don’t get the compliments about them. In a certain light, they look really scary, mine included, as you can see below.

1 2 3 4 5 6

My Band Camp Art

Finished off the artwork and completed my release on Bandcamp today, had a lot of fun with the artwork. It’s artwork, but with humour in it and a reflection of what I thought of when I wrote the songs. Still reminding you I grew up with my cartoonist brother, so more cartoons than paintings.

Got a bit lazy and let Photoshop do most of the background, but the motif and the writing is still very much handmade! 🙂

Album again:

Friendly Fire artSandbox bildStigmata art Thank me laterThe other woman art

Bandcamp stuff

Thankfully, you can edit a release on Bandcamp afterwards. I put it up in a hurry on monday cause I knew I had friends without Spotify who were curious, but the site recommends you putting up all the codes, adding artwork and lyrics, which I will do step by step during the week.

Pod People is track no 2. I just told the musicians: “This is the closest I’ll go to funk. I just want funk on this. It suits it.” And got some with the tambourines and the trumpet.

I wrote it in 2011, having recovered from a long spell of depressions made worse right before it got better (2007-2009= baaaad years). The thought of getting married, getting a puppy, kids, a volvo, was still so far from my mind as I was really finding and coming to terms with myself. Yet people around me seemed to go crazy about it, posting all these blissful things and I was like: “What happened to you, man? Is this not scary to you?” Turns out it was, they’ve admitted later in my conversations with them. People open up to me easily for some reason, a blessing in this biz of putting feels on paper and melody.  It just wasn’t on to admit it. And many have calmed down on portraying picture perfect since.

So the artwork to this is a loving one, still playing with my views back then. I honestly thought things like: “Body Snatchers”, “Cocoon”, peas in a pod. “Join us, it’s bliiiisss”…. Some cute, happy, not quite identical peas in a pod. They are quite content, as they should be after their scary journey!

Pod people art

Scarletters on Bandcamp

Album is now available at Band Camp, where you can stream it if you don’t have Spotify and also buy it digitally for as much as you want to buy it for. Let me remind you that 10% of sales go to Amnesty International- Stop violence against women, so downloading it for free is OK, but let Jiminy Cricket (your consciense) decide if and how much you want to donate.

sneak cover

Scarletters is out!

Scarlett is out and free to roam! 🙂 Enjoy a good half hour of real instruments, musicians and the crazy ideas from my head! 😉

Stream, buy on Itunes or buy a physical copy and remember, part of proceeds go t o Amnesty- Stop violence against women, no matter if you stream or buy, so get to listening! 😉

Big thanks to participants; Silja Kareketo, bass, Robin Wernebratt, drums, Lisa Moberg violin, Boel Söderberg cello, Fabian Worbin, guitar, Tony Malmberg and Jonas Källsbäck recording, Björn Wennerborg duet on “Thank Me Later” and some anonymous lads on flute, trumpet, additional recording, mixing and mastering and acoustic guitar.

Mother and father pt 2 official video

Video time! On the eve of album release, you get the second video from the album. The Warrior Whore (LOOOOVE my mohawk!), the Fallen Madonna trapped in her sea of ribbons and the real woman, both Madonna and whore, taking a ritual bath to marry the two. Naked and hint of nipple, OMG!

Ribbons are traditionally a symbol for woman, where the fallen Madonna is trapped (and the warrior whore quickly unties hers) but starts to unravel them as she gets more brave. Also a symbol of vampirism (vampires have to untie ribbons to get out of their prison) in the old days only attributed to women.

Big thanks to Silja Kareketo (bass) Robin Wernebratt (drums) Boel Söderberg (cello) Lisa Moberg (violin) and Fabian Worbin (guitars). And yes, you may marvel at my amazing key changes that I did in one take, sometimes jumping between three keys.

And my amazing latin skills (i.e. what I picked up singing in a British chamber choir when I lived in England) Intro: “In the name of the Father, son and the holy spirit, praise Maria” (hence the laugh about praising myself) and after coda: “One two three four”. Fluent, I am 😉

Get me bodied

The release of the music video for Mother and Father pt 2 was scheduled for today, but delayed due to tech difficulties. Well, these things happen. Still wanna treat you to a sneak peek on march 8th, a sacred holiday in the Bohm residence for sure.

The album is themed Madonna/Whore, and so is this video. You’ve got the fallen Madonna (Below right), the Warrior Whore (the mohawk girl) and the actual woman trying to marry the two (the naked woman) and reconsile with the fact that she has passion and compassion living in the same body. Thematically, I wanted to do it properly and went full frontal in front of my director to make myself vulnerable. I also wore waaaay to little in icy cold to portray the etherial whore. Cooooold! And then the hot bath? Still thankful I didn’t get a major cold from it! Anyways; mohawk, in love. Coolest hair I’ve worn for a video. Naked?  Uncomfortable but keeping Amanda Palmer in mind. “Relax guys, it’s only a naked body”. How true. We all have ’em, don’t we? Can’t say the fallen Madonna stirred to many external feelings. It’s a role woman have been used to playing for ages. If you think she’s the prettiest and most comfortable, there might be a reason.