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Greasy start

Today’s gig in Alingsås was certainly interesting. The letter to the musicians told us to eat properly before, cause they’d only have fruit and cookies and coffee. Of course, when you tell me to do something, even well meant, I have to go and do the opposite 😉 It’s an hour’s drive to Alingsås from Skara and in that time, my tummy managed to work up an empty hollow that sang “mistaaaaaaake”. So we picked up the drummer and I went running into a burger place (yes, I of course go with the veggie burgers being a vegetarian, it’s still burger to me, note the absence of “ham” in the word), we made it just in time for meet and greet at the venue but I apologized to the other musicians. “I’ll say hello and shake in a minute, just let me eat first, trust me, it’s for your own good”. After that I was in a comfortable junk food coma/sedation, so everything was guooood 😉

Then we got to talking, and we had specifically requested due to the drummer’s schedule that we play first. One of the other participants went: “Ooooh, big pressure opening the show”, but not really. Not to me. It’s still showing up for a job and doing it, no matter where and when. Tell us when to play and we’ll play, first, last, middle, whenever, we just needed to be first this time. We unpack in three to five minutes and then we’re ready to go. The show calls for it to be under 20 minutes, so I’ll pick three of my songs, runtime 12-15 minutes for the three, leaving the audience wanting more and us time to pack it all up again. I timed another participant who kept it going for about 22 minutes, and right there, you’ve lost points. I do see it as a good sign that my show was the only one drawing in outsiders from the building, who later applauded me as I was going to the loo (a taxing challenge for sure).

I DID have some difficulties squeezing into my usual stage clothes, and I had to loosen a belt or two after a while, which tells me either the burger meal lingered (still worth it) or I need to take more walks and cut down on the maybe-not-essential beer. If it WAS the burger, let me tell you…. oooooooh so worth it, you don’t even know! 😉

I took some pics of competition this time, to show you that I’m actually up against variation this year (not just wee rock boys), there’s hip hop, blues, metal and just a lil’ bit of alternative rock. I still stand out, but not as much. But yes, I’m the only female act, and with a female bass player, I’m quite unusual too. Burger belly or no 😉

Dusty Rhymes (his spelling) and Castra. We gravitated towards Dusty, real nice guy! 🙂




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