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Maleficent Maria

Before rehearsals today I went to the pet store to purchase some good ol’ bathing sand for my degus, Ringo and Lennox (yes, they get musician names, what did you think?). And going in, I bumped into this cute little four year old girl looking like the result of the conception between a My Little Pony and a Care Bear. “Hi” “Hi there!” “My name is Nova” “Well, Nova, my name is Maria” “Maria, you look like a fairytale princess!”… Silence… then… me; Mwohahahahaaaa!

I didn’t mean to. I know you’re not supposed to mock kids, especially when they pay you a compliment, but I imagined myself as a fairy princess for two seconds and just lost it. When I told people I got a nice comparison: “You’re more like Maleficent”. I can agree to that. I quite like children, though it may take me 16 yrs to admit it, and I’ll defend them to the death, but I aints cute. And I used to be a fairy, didn’t I (Cobweb, midsummer night’s dream)? 😉 Just like her…

I’m OK with the Maleficent deal. I can relate a bit more, there, and my reasons for being slightly evil might be quite the same.



Faeries X 2


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