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Here’s what I think

This is in Swedish, big news, some security thought it apt to use extreme force against a nine-year-old in the city of Malmö. Sitting on him, covering his nose and mouth, banging his head against the asfalt. This flow chart pretty much sums up my opinion.


Translation: “Are you trying to justify security banging a nine-year-old’s head against the stone floor?”

To the left: “Well, there’s curcomstanses…”  ->Try again

To the right: “No” -> Right you are!

The kid ain’t exactly blonde and blue-eyed, which has also caused a stir. And rightly so! Working as a personal assistant, I’d have my ass up in charges if I tried to pull a stunt like this on someone with a child’s mind who can get violent. (And I agree that my ass would be on the line, ffs) Security should be even more trained to handle it. Just saying. Men in uniform scare me more than they should if they stand for safety.

Watch the video and see for yourselves.


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2 responses to “Here’s what I think

  1. Andy

    What exactly had the kid done to warrant that? And is the security guard still in a job?

    • Andy; trying repeatedly to ride communal traffic for free. Worth a warrant for their arrest apparently. The security guard is suspended for now but I suspect he’ll be back on the job in another city soon enough…

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