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She works hard for her money

Another Music and Business weekend, inspiring for sure! The lecturer had a so and so structure, but had some useful points. And some less useful. Like when he went on about hirearchy and abiding to the ego of the artist. “But I’m the artist, who’s butt do I kiss?” “There’s always a butt to kiss”. I’ve never really worked like that. I’m the big kahuna of my show and any place where I gig, arrangers, bookers, I dunno, I see it as a co-op. I do my part, they do theirs, we’re all entitled to grumbles and straight conversations if someone’s lacking in something. Even if I started working for another record company, it’s the same thing. I might compromise to get ahead, but that’s still not kissing butt to me, it’s being professional and reasonable. Give and take and all that.

And when we had lunch talk and the question “what’s up with you musically now then” I realized I had a very satisfying answer! “Livekarusellen, Music Video, New Album”. Good for the ego of the artist πŸ˜‰

Well, as I said, good talks with fellow artists, all in all decently inspiring and useful lectures. It got squirmy in class when I joined the “discrimination in the music industry” discussion, but I know better than to insist when the purpose of the day is to listen to a lecture. I mean, if he wishes to have a private discussion I might rip him a new one, but that’s a different matter πŸ˜‰

Rehearsals today, fun as always, extra chocolate-y today as I brought the good cookies. It’s important to motivate your musicians.

Below is a pic of me and the drummer’s cool new orange neon drum sticks, along with a metal face I thought was apt. Oh, and some more random Swedish winter. Just cause it’s purrdy.




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