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Let me hear your 50 words for…

Snow! And lots of it! You might think that snow is a garantuee in Sweden, but we might go entire winters without it in the more central and southern parts. Or it might show up in February, like now, just in time as my christmas decorations are down and all of a sudden the Bohm bachelorette pad is a lot darker. I do like it visually, and the fact that it provides a lot of light in the darker part of the year. I will say there is one downside; being a car owner. I experienced that as I had to organize an excavation this morning to dig my car out of the avalanche that seemed to have hit it during the night. Normally it’s inside a garage nighttime, but I was at a (very lovely) birtday bash and had a wonderful time saturday. So wonderful I had to park the car, if you know what I mean.

So today was lots of coffee and lots of fresh air. The light, the sky and just the world in general is a bit different when it’s been snowing. Got to practise my old scout skills with footprints. I know for a fact that a hare had been jumping through the park, and then I’m not sure if there had been a giant pig or a small horse for a walk there too, but I guess the latter is a bit more likely. Or someone with very weird gaga-esque heels.




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