Gaga for gaga

I really do have to post this, even if it has little to do with my music. See, yes, I’ll confess, I’m a total monster. I love Lady Gaga, because, not even counting the crazy outfits (which I love as well) she really knows her stuff. She’s a very talented musician in everyway, respecting music for what it is, a great pianist, and an awesome singer. As a fan, you keep telling outsiders; “She can really sing!”. “Yeah, sure” “No, no, she can REALLY sing!”

And here’s the lovely proof, looked up the best clip I can get including the Julie Andrews hug (cheesy key). She’s one awesome woman. No shame to being a monster! 🙂

Knife Boy

New song.

Knife Boy, slightly different from what I usually do. Don’t know if it’s out of my genre per se, but I had such a totally different idea to production than what I usually do. So much more based on rythm and bass than chords, which is usually my forté. I call it me going slightly Björk. Under 2 minutes for the impatient.


I look alright but you cut me where it doesn’t show, I may look fine but you cut me where it doesn’t show, yeah, I know that you cut me where it doesn’t show, on the inside you only cut me where it doesn’t show.
In my world you lay to rest, suck me dry cause you know best, and I know, that you know, how to run.
You say drama’s not for you, In your world I’m born to lose, but drama only seems to come when you’re around (how ’bout that?) You know my worst fears, shame me for my tears, yet you want me to cry you a river and pray for your forgiveness
…On the inside, did you think that it’d never show?


Greasy start

Today’s gig in Alingsås was certainly interesting. The letter to the musicians told us to eat properly before, cause they’d only have fruit and cookies and coffee. Of course, when you tell me to do something, even well meant, I have to go and do the opposite 😉 It’s an hour’s drive to Alingsås from Skara and in that time, my tummy managed to work up an empty hollow that sang “mistaaaaaaake”. So we picked up the drummer and I went running into a burger place (yes, I of course go with the veggie burgers being a vegetarian, it’s still burger to me, note the absence of “ham” in the word), we made it just in time for meet and greet at the venue but I apologized to the other musicians. “I’ll say hello and shake in a minute, just let me eat first, trust me, it’s for your own good”. After that I was in a comfortable junk food coma/sedation, so everything was guooood 😉

Then we got to talking, and we had specifically requested due to the drummer’s schedule that we play first. One of the other participants went: “Ooooh, big pressure opening the show”, but not really. Not to me. It’s still showing up for a job and doing it, no matter where and when. Tell us when to play and we’ll play, first, last, middle, whenever, we just needed to be first this time. We unpack in three to five minutes and then we’re ready to go. The show calls for it to be under 20 minutes, so I’ll pick three of my songs, runtime 12-15 minutes for the three, leaving the audience wanting more and us time to pack it all up again. I timed another participant who kept it going for about 22 minutes, and right there, you’ve lost points. I do see it as a good sign that my show was the only one drawing in outsiders from the building, who later applauded me as I was going to the loo (a taxing challenge for sure).

I DID have some difficulties squeezing into my usual stage clothes, and I had to loosen a belt or two after a while, which tells me either the burger meal lingered (still worth it) or I need to take more walks and cut down on the maybe-not-essential beer. If it WAS the burger, let me tell you…. oooooooh so worth it, you don’t even know! 😉

I took some pics of competition this time, to show you that I’m actually up against variation this year (not just wee rock boys), there’s hip hop, blues, metal and just a lil’ bit of alternative rock. I still stand out, but not as much. But yes, I’m the only female act, and with a female bass player, I’m quite unusual too. Burger belly or no 😉

Dusty Rhymes (his spelling) and Castra. We gravitated towards Dusty, real nice guy! 🙂



My handy-work

I think I’ve hinted at the fact that the whole album layout is hand drawn. And that I was the one doing the drawing. A scary job for me, as I don’t really fancy myself a painter or particularly good at drawing, though I enjoy it. But I’m stepping into Scarlett here, and she draws, she doodles, she doesn’t apologize for how it looks, she just puts it on paper. Very little editing, each song is a doodled letter to someone. Good or bad.

So here’s the banner made for the social media pages. Wonks and all. Note: not the finished layout. But following along the lines of it. Banner was especially created for the Internet.


Maleficent Maria

Before rehearsals today I went to the pet store to purchase some good ol’ bathing sand for my degus, Ringo and Lennox (yes, they get musician names, what did you think?). And going in, I bumped into this cute little four year old girl looking like the result of the conception between a My Little Pony and a Care Bear. “Hi” “Hi there!” “My name is Nova” “Well, Nova, my name is Maria” “Maria, you look like a fairytale princess!”… Silence… then… me; Mwohahahahaaaa!

I didn’t mean to. I know you’re not supposed to mock kids, especially when they pay you a compliment, but I imagined myself as a fairy princess for two seconds and just lost it. When I told people I got a nice comparison: “You’re more like Maleficent”. I can agree to that. I quite like children, though it may take me 16 yrs to admit it, and I’ll defend them to the death, but I aints cute. And I used to be a fairy, didn’t I (Cobweb, midsummer night’s dream)? 😉 Just like her…

I’m OK with the Maleficent deal. I can relate a bit more, there, and my reasons for being slightly evil might be quite the same.



Faeries X 2

Here’s what I think

This is in Swedish, big news, some security thought it apt to use extreme force against a nine-year-old in the city of Malmö. Sitting on him, covering his nose and mouth, banging his head against the asfalt. This flow chart pretty much sums up my opinion.


Translation: “Are you trying to justify security banging a nine-year-old’s head against the stone floor?”

To the left: “Well, there’s curcomstanses…”  ->Try again

To the right: “No” -> Right you are!

The kid ain’t exactly blonde and blue-eyed, which has also caused a stir. And rightly so! Working as a personal assistant, I’d have my ass up in charges if I tried to pull a stunt like this on someone with a child’s mind who can get violent. (And I agree that my ass would be on the line, ffs) Security should be even more trained to handle it. Just saying. Men in uniform scare me more than they should if they stand for safety.

Watch the video and see for yourselves.

She works hard for her money

Another Music and Business weekend, inspiring for sure! The lecturer had a so and so structure, but had some useful points. And some less useful. Like when he went on about hirearchy and abiding to the ego of the artist. “But I’m the artist, who’s butt do I kiss?” “There’s always a butt to kiss”. I’ve never really worked like that. I’m the big kahuna of my show and any place where I gig, arrangers, bookers, I dunno, I see it as a co-op. I do my part, they do theirs, we’re all entitled to grumbles and straight conversations if someone’s lacking in something. Even if I started working for another record company, it’s the same thing. I might compromise to get ahead, but that’s still not kissing butt to me, it’s being professional and reasonable. Give and take and all that.

And when we had lunch talk and the question “what’s up with you musically now then” I realized I had a very satisfying answer! “Livekarusellen, Music Video, New Album”. Good for the ego of the artist 😉

Well, as I said, good talks with fellow artists, all in all decently inspiring and useful lectures. It got squirmy in class when I joined the “discrimination in the music industry” discussion, but I know better than to insist when the purpose of the day is to listen to a lecture. I mean, if he wishes to have a private discussion I might rip him a new one, but that’s a different matter 😉

Rehearsals today, fun as always, extra chocolate-y today as I brought the good cookies. It’s important to motivate your musicians.

Below is a pic of me and the drummer’s cool new orange neon drum sticks, along with a metal face I thought was apt. Oh, and some more random Swedish winter. Just cause it’s purrdy.



Let me hear your 50 words for…

Snow! And lots of it! You might think that snow is a garantuee in Sweden, but we might go entire winters without it in the more central and southern parts. Or it might show up in February, like now, just in time as my christmas decorations are down and all of a sudden the Bohm bachelorette pad is a lot darker. I do like it visually, and the fact that it provides a lot of light in the darker part of the year. I will say there is one downside; being a car owner. I experienced that as I had to organize an excavation this morning to dig my car out of the avalanche that seemed to have hit it during the night. Normally it’s inside a garage nighttime, but I was at a (very lovely) birtday bash and had a wonderful time saturday. So wonderful I had to park the car, if you know what I mean.

So today was lots of coffee and lots of fresh air. The light, the sky and just the world in general is a bit different when it’s been snowing. Got to practise my old scout skills with footprints. I know for a fact that a hare had been jumping through the park, and then I’m not sure if there had been a giant pig or a small horse for a walk there too, but I guess the latter is a bit more likely. Or someone with very weird gaga-esque heels.