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March, come she will

Doesn’t rhyme quite as well as the original Paul Simon title April come she will, but it’s certainly more apt for my news! As you can see on the “news” part of my homepage (news is default) I’ll release the new album March 12th FINALLY! With a surprise soon after but, dude, if I told you it wouldn’t be surprise, now would it? Why March 12th? Realistically, I’ll just figure out the schedule and a ballpark number of days for when things can be done to get a sense of when I can release. And March is realistic. It just so happened I became a cousin for the first time on March 12th 15 years ago. I AM a family girl, I’ve had several videos, singles and releases dropped on family member’s birthdays. Whoever seems to have an apt birthday… 😉 It’s my way of celebrating them a little extra.

Besides working a bit on the release the past couple of days I’ve taken it easy. I lost a pint of blood yesterday. Voluntarily! But still! I’ve donated blood regularly since I was 19, because why not? I have big thick veins the nurses love, a high amount of iron (even being veggie and a woman it’s still around 140 with 100-120 being normal) in my blood, and I’ve got A+, a major blood group. But it knocks the wind out of me for a day or two for sure! Keep in mind that blood delivers oxygen to most parts of the body, so losing a tenth of it does brush off the top of your stamina for a few days. Had a bit of a comedic moment yesterday at work when I snacked for the FIFTH time (I love food, I’m a proud eater, but having to eat non stop not to kill people is annoying). Co-worker: “You’re pale, you’re annoyed, you eat all the time, giving blood is what gives you PMS!” (She knows I don’t really get PMS, I’m a bit too calm). “Grumble grumble” *giving her killer eyes*. “Want the last of my sugar fizzy drink?” Me, softening and looking hopeful: “Yes, please…” So yeah, a good indication of what could be if I actually PMS:ed a bit more 😉

So I’ve put rhinestones on my fingernails. Actually not my fingernails, the fingernails on my cool winter mittens with fingernails on them. I’ve hemmed the only two pair of trousers I own. And I’ve finished some drawings long overdue that I made for winter, which is a bit wonky and schizo in Sweden at the moment (winter, not the drawings). I actually did four, but using non-pro fiber pens two of them didn’t turn out the way I liked. I did get to use watercolour pencil on the snowman, my boss lent me her set for the drawing (the art stuff she owns would blow your mind, her drawings too, why she’s not an illustrator I’ll never know). I wasn’t quite satisfied as I had to use fingers a lot, I have no brushes at the mo’, but it was still fun. I’ll probably get a small set of my own (brushes and watercolour pencils) later this spring, but the two first months of the year are always a bit poor for me, so I can’t really make it a priority now when I don’t draw for a living, even though “I love it and it calms me” IS a good reason. But right now it’s album release bonanza. And that ain’t a bad thing either.

Snoflake Snowman


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