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A decade of Mezmerizing and Hypnotizing

I’ve gotta give a shoutout to System of A Down and their two albums that changed my life in 2005. I mean, I say they’re an influence, and people wonder how the f*ck can they influence my music? My answer? I don’t know.

I just know I loved Toxicity, I loved Steal This Album, and that was it. But when they released this… I played it round the clock. I was obsessed, and I didn’t even now why. It was just on repeat. I couldn’t stop listening. I’m still contemplating that they put some kind of subliminal, positive brainwashing messages in there. Because all of a sudden I was like: “Heeey, TV and fashion magazines are brainwashing me!” And I stopped watching TV, and I ripped up and burned all my Cosmos and similar mags. And I wrote songs for four hours a day instead. Most of my songs from my soon-to-be three albums are from this period of time in 2005-2006, so say thank you to the nice rock group! 🙂

It was also during this period of time that I overnight started fighting for the underdogs, for equality, for not buying into the small shit we are distracted with, missing the bigger picture. Yes, literally, overnight. I remember this morning in October 2005 when I woke up with these thoughts and became so angry with media distracting me with the wrong things. And I thought: “My life is gonna be about helping”. So the “Equality Knight” I’ve been jokefully named was born right then and there. People looked at me funny when I looked for eco, fairtrade and locally produced, because it hadn’t become fashionable yet. New Age circuits believed there was a wave hitting the receptable at that very night, one out of three nights, so who knows? I’m glad I’ve got company now! 🙂

Anyways, first gig of the year went smoothly, weird energy from some guys refusing to talk to me and shake my hand though (but gladly shaking my male drummers). At this point, I’m really used to it. Too bad one of ’em was in the jury, and a presenter, and couldn’t present me properly, or get what I was about, to save a life… As I said. Prepared. The audience was great though! 🙂


Pre-gig selfies. I’m no good at duckface 😉 …  ;



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