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Live shizzles

I told you I would sit on the second live 2015 surprise a bit longer, well, now it’s on. I’ve begun to practice Tori Amos style, i.e. playing two keyboards simultaniously, and while I MAY not be ready for the first show (still got some kinks and co-ordination to work out but it’s progressing fast) on friday, make sure to come to my live shows and see firsthand when I begin! 🙂

Let me just tell you it’s a proper workout. I have this “step counter” on my mobile phone, recording my steps, you know, you’re ideally supposed to fit in about 10 000 each day, and each song when I’m standing up and playing and singing gives me about 100 steps now (in 3 minutes), even with constricted movements. And I’m sweating bullets.

But having fun and quite happy. As you can see. I might ask for the “carola”-fan (Swedish, Carola fläkt, very Eurovision) next time, just to not stink up the place, the drummer looks quite relaxed and commercial with his fan! 😉



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