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Wow, the last 24 hrs have been interesting. I posted the Björn Afzelius- Sång till Friheten, and thought nothing of it. It’s not even a cover, you know, just a voice sample for a competition. So “here you go then”. And it’s gotten about three times more plays in the first 24 hrs than any of my songs or covers get on the first day! Apparently people like Björn Afzelius! 🙂

I know I had good timing, in 2014 the “Tusen Bitar” film was out, so he’s fresh in Swede’s memories. But honestly, for me it was just: “Oh, bother, I have to sing something in Swedish, might as well do one of my dad’s old favs, he loved this song”. And I’m just a wee bit of a fan of the Swedish troubadour scene thanks to my parents, so why not? But I love that people seem to appreciate it, I had a fun time making the sample, and as I said, I didn’t even try to produce. So… wow…

On the note of album-making and my own original songs, mastering of the album finished today so I really see the release coming closer. I fought for more kazoo, and more kazoo I got! 😀 You’re all welcome… 😉 Mixer named it “the devil’s instrument” and I tried to pull out of hen (Swedish pro-noun, him-or-her, love it, so useful!) “How can you NOT like kazoo?” … “I can’t even begin to formulate an answer for that question.” Oh well, you all get some more of the awesomeness 😉

Here are some pics. Second one of my messy notes for the final mix and master process. I used post-its when my computer crashed, because post-its don’t crash. My handwriting is quite awful, so I had to interpret, but it works! 😉

First one of soon-to-come album cover. I purposely shook the camera to make them both blurry as I don’t want you to see the song titles, notes or actual cover til’ it’s all done, but I promise an explosion of things when album is released and I don’t have to be quiet anymore! 🙂




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