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Swedish Cåver

I was expecting this post. A friend insisted I tried out for the Tommy Körberg-thing, and it didn’t feel as horrible as trying out for Idol or Talang, so I went with it. Put simply: “I trust you, you’re my friend, I’ll try out because you want me to”.

And nope. But good for me to be able to release it in public! 🙂 It’s me singing in Swedish, as a voice sample. I couldn’t think of contemporary Swedish artists I liked ( a Swedish song-voice-sample needed)  so I went back to my childhood, my father loving the troubadours. Cornelis, Fred Åkerström, Björn Afzelius and then it was like; “yes, this song has stuck with me and I lurve it!”

I kept it simple. Only a voice sample and Afzelius always kept this song simple as well. I hear myself struggling with singing in my first language at times and going towards an English accent, but that’s OK 😉 And it’s only 2:15 long, so for you impatient listeners it’s perfect, and Swedish in singing is still quite interesting to listen to for snippets of time, I think.

And Tommy Körberg, who had the Swedish voice of the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast” (that’s how my generation remembers him) said I should “never stop singing”, so that’s pretty cool! But I know my voice is a bit too quirky for Swedish music scene, so as I said, I was expecting this.


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