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First rehearsals of the year!

I am finally on the go with rehearsals and I’ve missed it so much. Already more gigs booked in this year than I had last year and I can’t wait! Plus, it’s been three months since proper rehearsal with the gang, as we did our last recordings in October. So chappy chappy. We had our different theories as to what we should do to win Livekarusellen. I thought about stage diving with the piano, as the setting it on fire has already been done with Lady Gaga. Damn you, Gaga, always imitating me and my ideas! 😉

Then we thought about doing a Lion King intro. But most venues won’t accept you waving a cat in their face, what with allergies and such, even if you whisper a magical, cool “Simmm-bah…” into the mic. So we’re back to stage diving. I might have to.

Anyway, pics down below. One from rehearsal room and me and my bestest pals: The maker of the coffee, and Kiss Hello Kitty.

And one from the tragic storm Egon hitting us all in Sweden and traumatizing us this weekend. One of my chairs tipped and my balcony carpets got all messed up. Curse you, patriarchal storm Egon, the chair will rise again!


Egon. We’ll never forget… always hits harder when it
hits you personally…


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2 responses to “First rehearsals of the year!

  1. Beau

    lol @ KISS hello kitty

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