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Three new shows

Mapped out and planned at last, and more to come, but dates not set yet.  As I think I’ve pointed out before, I love playing live and it’s been a huge sacrifice to not do so very much in 2014, but the album is one of my biggest projects yet, and pushing the envelope in many more ways than one to how I’ve worked before. I hope I can plan for the album to be released if not before, then some time during the last show, as I’ll be playing songs from the album and, well, you really wanna give the listeners an opportunity to know where they can get/keep listening to the music. I remember Lenka performing “Heart Skips A Beat” at Arvika in 2010, and it was just waaay to long of a wait til’ the album was actually released late spring (April) 2011. February in Singapore, still too long!)

It’s already been delayed a bit as I started asking around in late 2013 and arranging the whole thing, wanting 2014 to be the year of release. You know, every two years is a good number. One to create, one to tour. Tour year is pretty awesome, it’s when I try new things, show new skills and learn a lot by experimenting, those skills passing over to the next year and the next album.

However, I know plans in music means about twice the time lapse you think it’s going to be. And I’ve done the “major touring with album release” year before, so it’s not too bad. I needed 2014 to work on it though, I know that, but jumping back in the live saddle feels wonderful. Some suprises and new skills and new live tricks in store for you for sure! Earlier it’s been; new equipment with shiny buttons for me to press on from the comfort of my mic, new instruments. This year might be more organic, less tech;

Choirs might actually be added, which I can give away, the second suprise I might sit on for a bit longer! 🙂

For tour dates and updates on tour dates;



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