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Makings of a video…

While in Gothenburg I took the time to make another music video. The clues you get from the pics aren’t many, mostly what my hair looked like. Purposely put a towel over one of the scenes outfits. Patience is a virtue, y’ know! 😉 Your only clue; I was cold as f*ck for most of the scenes… I will also tell you right now that I decided not to do anything with my body for this video, no putting on in muscles or anything else. Mostly my christmas dinner soft bits (or winter isolation as I like to call it). For this one I wanted to just be. Not because of the characters (one would actually demand muscles, the other a bit of weakness). But because my body as is isn’t scary. Whether I weigh 10 kgs more or 10 kgs less. It’s just a body. Probs not starved like some, probs not super big either. Just a “normal” body. Dressed in… well… patience, fans and viewers 😉

I also celebrated christmas with the loves of my life, the wives, unfortunately I was out getting the paper so Talibantomten filled in for me in a lot of the pics. Apparently he’s stopped with the “death to America”-stuff and now mostly encourages you to use a chainsaw on Sverigedemokraterna. Well… tit for tat, chainsaw for iron rods…

For those of you not so updated on Swedish politics there was almost a re-election because racist party SD couldn’t play nice in the Riksdag. An agreement was reached, a bit unsettling but it takes care of the problem of SD using Swedish politics as their own personal sandbox for now… Hoping there doesn’t have to be a lot more of it, because it does bend the rule of our govern and democracy. It’s tricky, because you don’t want history to repeat itself when it comes to intolerance, but it’s, as I said, unsettling. No other party with the numbers they have has been quite this stupid or unyielding though, so it’s a new experience for our rule altogether.

We’re hoping for the best. So is Talibantomten.








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