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Good to hear from you again!

I can’t even begin to describe how you appreciate your hearing when you’ve lost it. The double-sided ear infection started during the flu, I was a bit surprised that the fever went down and then up again after 4-5 days. The flu doesn’t behave like that. And what was with this lid in one of my ears? I looked it up and it really wasn’t a common flu symptome, not even a common cold symptome after a while and to the extent that I experienced it. Then my other ear went. So, taking hardy 1177:s advice (a proper medical site that doesn’t scare you with cancer for every little thing you’ve got) I phoned my health care centre. “Normally we wait a little, but what your describing still sounds like a doctor should take a look at it”. So yeah, caught the thing quite early on. The doc looked at my ears for about three seconds. “Whoaaah, acute otitis!” (ear infection in medical language).

Of course the antibiotics stopped the fever, but my hearing was still pretty shot. Looked that up. “If your hearing is not better in three months…” Asking my mom (a nurse): “More common that it takes like 6 weeks, sweety, that’s why they say that”. So OK, roll with the punches. The swelling doesn’t subside as quick as the infection. So, friends, I’ve been virtually half deaf and everyone sounded like smurfs since mid-november. But it’s been improving quickly, and today, after a long walk before work and a long walk at work, something actually went “pop” and the lid on the left ear is completely gone. 5% deafness instead of 50 (it was at about 15 at the pop). Much appreciated. Should be up and running totally with both ears in a few days!

The worst thing was not being able to listen. To music, to the sounds of my pets (their sounds make up half of my communication with them, I’ve nailed the sounds they make), just to composing and practicing piano (not so fun or even constructive when it sounds like a toy piano), and listening to people in general. I love to listen. Even nature sounds like birds and wind blowing in trees is quite a part of me and my processes. I think my hearing was more important to me than I realized.

So I am very greatful. The only con is: I can’t shut stupid people out and have a valid excuse anymore… oh, well… Ups and downs to everything, eh?

I did keep it up with the pets though. Lenka fun-with bun bun still wonders ’bout my muppet sweater (looks like a weird animal to me, should I eat it?) and Lennox the degu had a birthday december 1st, not to be ignored, he got treats and a new hammock since they chewed up the last one.




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