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Old new songs

I’m rummaging through the computer as I might need a new battery, things may disappear (they are backed up but I still need to make sure) and two songs stood out. I’ve probably posted things written the same years (2009-2011) but this is after a thourough look-through, as I said, you do so many a year some get forgotten.  I had forgotten about these songs, yet I am really happy with them arrangement and production wise. And lyrically, of course.

Another chorus with no real words, but you don’t always need them.

Mary couldn’t hold me, papa should’ve told me, nobody’s a winner, everyone’s a sinner, anyone who loves me will eventually start to hate me whole heartedly

Baby wouldn’t leave me, lovable decieved me, winning is so hollow, all the girls should swallow, silence is the wall they use to get their way, never feed a flame, you make it go away.

If you couldn’t hold me wish somebody’d told me, I am not a winner, I can never win, I am ripe with sin (totally stold this last phrase from Dogma, thank you, Kevin Smith…)

And then there’s this one, with the double entendre of the title;

I think of you late at night when I’m on my own, I think of holding you, kissing you, missing you and I wish you home. And I wonder if you think like me, miss like me, scar like me, And I wonder if you think like me miss like me, Scar.
I hope you do, No I won’t wish you well I ain’t gonna be the bigger ma’am, I hope you’re hurting bad
I think of her, little girl bashed and bruised and torn, I think of holding her, shielding her, little girl keep her safe and warm. And I wonder if you think like her…
I hope you do…
You, you’re the monster in my head, you’re the empty in my bed, you’re the monster in my bed. Do you feel anything like that, do you feel anything at all, do you feel anything?
I hope you do…
I hope you do, I hope you do, I hope that you go soft I hope I made you so much bigger man… I hope you’re doing bad…

Since I wrote them around the time I took the photos that go with, I thought they’d make a good fit, conceptually.

presbild 1


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