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Random acts of kindness

I’m not my usual nag-a-bloggin’ self as I’ve battled with flu and double sided ear infection, rendering me half-deaf for a while (hence not so much music).

And I know, the title is very “Oprah” and even the concept is, I remember her talking a lot about this but in this instance I do agree. She talks about random acts of kindness everyday, and how she always gave away a lot of things on her show when she had chosen audience members she knew struggled a bit. She said: “I’m not changing their life. But a little thing like this can make them happy and give them hope for the moment, and help them build more hope all by themselves.”

I walked past the beggar woman in front of Willy’s for the umpteenth time. And she always flashes me a smile and calls me “principessa” and almost ALWAYS puts me in a great mood. I’ve grown quite fond of her. Not “hope she keeps begging” fond (which some Swedes for some reason think your kindness means), just “she’s a great person who puts me in a good mood”

And today I really felt the sting. She’s been gone for a while. Now she’s back. And now the weather is bad. And this is a thin frail woman. So all of a sudden I wanted to do more. I always walk past the blanket sales (I have tonnes of them at home, thank you very much). But she doesn’t, and even if she does, they get dirty, wet, cold, how is she gonna wash them all and dry them in time without getting sick? Key in quantity. So I baught her a blanket, kept the change (which is quite a lot, they are very cheap) and went back. She wasn’t there, but her stuff was. So I left the blanket in a plastic bag next to her jacket and the change in her cup. She won’t know it was me. But she’ll know someone thought she deserved kindness. And let me tell you, being Romani, she most likely doesn’t have that impression in spades. I got strange looks from the people opposing  beggars and wishing to “send the scrounging pack home”. I don’t care.

A random act of kindness is key, everyday. It doesn’t have to cost you. It can be a compliment to someone who looks a bit down. Flashing a smile, telling a joke (I am guilty if a lot of those bad jokes to try and brighten a day 😉 ). The Romani woman always throws me air kisses and I always throw one back. I just wanted to do a little bit more today. It really does send some hope out there.

If you need more incentive, I talked to a co-worker about the concept today, and he told me tonight that I inspired him to pay a fare home for three school girls who couldn’t afford it. So it spreads! And that ain’t a bad thing 🙂



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